Online 96 million 28 000 people Justa Ill meet you next year

[Data provided: Gesture Organization Committee]

Below the compliance under the compliance, the various new experience and events are visited by the event

I have about 960,000 people online through Vesta TV for 5 days

Activate BTB through offline and online synergy

Meta bus, NFT, such as market trend reflected,

Progress of exhibition outside the exhibition of exhibition outside the exhibition of the game as a culture

The International Game Exhibition Just 2021 finished the five-day jackpot.

The Korea Games Industry Association (K-Games) hosted by the Vesta Organizing Committee and the Joint Information Industry Promotion Agency, and the Vesta 2021 shall be governed by the Ge stars 2021, from November 17 to November 21 (Sun), It was held in.

The events were the top priority, and allowed the permission to complete the vaccination complete or PCR audio for all visitors to all visitors, including the exhibitors of the participating business. All the internal exits of the exhibition also run under strict protection, all of which were safely enjoyed offline events.

Aka Games, who participated in the main sponsor, has been one of the most popular work of this year, and , , and , and shine the site.

And with the new game of each company, the opening of the field added. Creighton gives a variety of events and experiences with new , gathering visitors eye, and Gravity is a new game , , The fans celebrated with a total of 12 games.

The shift-up is a newcomer with the goddess of the victory, and a space that can appreciate the trailer image of another expectation , and Angel Games is a new feature, In the Tencent Aurora Studio, the Tencent Aurora studio has been introduced and attracted attention.

In addition, in the Bic Showcase X Vesta 2021, which has been part of the Indie Games Developer Support Project, the BIC 2021 exhibition was co-exhibited in 30 excellent works of Bic 2021 and Vesta 2021 Indie Showcase, We ship to visitors until the charm and fun of individualized Indie games.

Vesta 2021 was sold to general visitors only on November 18 (November 18) to 4 days to day 4, only 6,000 tickets were pre-booked. In addition to the pre-booking ticket, an invited person such as participating companies have added, and an average of more than 6,000 per day, about 6,000 or more, and about 2,8,000 ordinary visitors visited the site.

The position of the general visitors was divided into 10 am and 1 pm, and the maximum simultaneous acceptable person (about 4,400 persons), which is the maximum concurrent acceptable person (about 4,400 people), and ensured the provisional safety of the entire market.

Online broadcasting, which is operated the same as the offline event, the online broadcasting of the online broadcasting is 137,024 unique viewers (UV) of 137,024 (UV), 207,581, In the 20th (Saturday), 213,976, the last day, 230,000 (Estimates) (estimates) (estimates) (estimates), and approximately 960,000,000 people enjoyed with Gusta.

The BTB tube, which was provided at the Beach Second Exhibition, was launched on November 19th (Fri), and on November 19 (Fri), and online has been conducted on November 20 (Sat) for four days. Wednesday, November 17, after the official announcement, 4 countries, 111, and 153 were registered as a paid buyer, followed by a total of 44 countries, 693 and 1,367 people attended It was counted.

Contrary to 2020 (45 countries, 527, 655) contrast, participants are 166 pieces of buyers increase more than twice. As the offline meeting resumes, the field paid buyer registration has been enlarged, and together with this, BTB live bead match (non-standing video conference) introduced from last year is interpreted as synergistic effect.

In the first day keynote session of the G-CON, G-CON, the G-CON, which is the largest of 38 sessions (2 Keynes, 36 Keynes, and 36, 3 tracks), the keynote of the shifting-up Kim Hyung TAE was held. In addition, the development of the Grease Gore, the developer of the Mob Kim Minor, and the explosion of the Developer of Nazi, the Developer of Neo wiz, New Runs lecture on Kim Nam-seoks representative.

AS/A Level IT 9626 paper 2 October November 2017 Database Part 1

In the 2-day keynote session, the SET has a CO chapter in which the met averse is overall, and the main session has the highest interest in line Games, the earlier Jin Senghors director, The session of Kim Yong-ha PD, which developed the High Glove programmer of Abyss, , was conducted.

In addition, this years conference, the Metabus, which is one of the most important keywords in the future game industry, and a significantly expanded the subject session. As reflecting high interest in the industry, most of the relevant sessions have been carried out with only one man.

The conferences that have been held in hot open were successfully completed and have been successfully completed for 2 days of sessions and have been successfully completed and increased the expectations of the conference in 2022.

For the spread of game value as a culture, GUEST, which was held at the Susan Info Stadium, G-Star 2021 Special Exhibition It was also held for the tenderness.

The chairman of the King Shin Chub Instar Organizing Committee said, I would like to thank all the participation and visitors who comply with strict protection regulations, and they were able to finish the event safely because they were cooperated and efforts, said the Future Safety I will not stop my efforts to evolve as a game culture festival of all international game exhibitions,