In stock to the field This is the first recommendation for the reaction to the Nintendose switch organic EL model that is finally available and the first recommendations for those who start from now

November 19, 2002, at the end of the year, Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl was released at the Nintendo Switch at this time, which will shift to the Christmas Corporation.

Conventional models and organic EL models of Nintendo switches that were said to be insufficient in stock in accordance with this release, and organic EL models are also stocked nationwide. There are also stores that switch to store sales. In this paper, we will deliver the situation of the field over such a machine.

I will write from the conclusion first, but there is also a problem with the guarantee, and because it is not actually aware of the product, it is unknown, the body that is highly resale is highly resale, and a cheap used main unit is auction site Please note that you buy it. We recommend that you purchase new from home appliance retailers and game shops and new ones.

It seems that the stock is still available at present.

Response of the main unit store sales net including organic EL models

Originally, due to the lack of global semiconductors, various gaming machine mains are clearly gaps in demand and supply, and a lottery sales such as lottery sales were adopted from the low supply amount. The problem that the body secured by the influence is a high resale, such as the problem with unique areas, such as the whole country is also surface.

Not only the body but also the demand for the nest due to the corona and the demand for Ring Fit Adventure and Taring His Animal Forest, etc. are also very interested.

Such a Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl was to be released, and Geo announced that the store sales (purchase for purchasing a PON TA card with a rental member function).

As of the morning of November 20, which is written in this article, it is already sold out of sale even in the case of opening and sold out with the opening, etc. It seems that there is also a store that has been Conversely, since there is a stock of conventional models and LITE, people who bought them were also seen, and as a reaction on the net, it was impressed that it was spent over a wide range.

When I went to see the home appliance retailer, who was around 19:00 on 19th, the new organic EL model, the old type was on sale normally without sales restrictions. It is a surprise that is sold more than the fixed price only in the organic EL model body. Not only that, for the old switch, sales were also selling at a price of 30,000 yen.

EL models were also sold with software and controller. This is one person, and Monetary Electric Railway-Showa Hara Show is also standard! ~ and a title that can be said that the set of Mario is the same as a standard, but the Ring Fit Adventure as a matter of interest was asked by the clerk, the set package of the ring controller is fully sold soon It was said that there is no stock.

While looking at the game corner at the store, people who buy Pokémon new work and the parent and child who buy the main unit is also a situation where you are also having fun choosing the protective film of the main unit. And Im going to be a bad feeling that I became a bad person, its up to it.

However, there was also a lot of stocks with regard to the switch body, and there was also a storefront from the clerk, Please purchase by all means. Because my mother wants to say that Mother wants to say Golf ( Mario Super Golf lash ), and I would like to buy this years Christmas or birthday present for the piety.

I bought a switch! First recommended ?

After all the most recommended is Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl ? Although it is a remake of the title sold by DS, if purchased at Pokémon Center in Japan, a service that invites the tears that can be pushed by pressing the three-family stamp first to take the receipt. This is a big topic on Twitter.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

On January 18, 2011, next year, Pokemon Legends Access is also released, and lets start traveling to the Shinto region again on this occasion.

Even if Pokémon thinks that it is already good, if you join the service of Nintendo Switch Online, you can also play the old title of the old work such as Mega Drive and Nintendo 64 at an additional fee. I am also thinking about joining sin and punishment and Munster Heroes (delivery schedule), which is also a masterpiece of treasure, and I am thinking of joining.

Even if the basic service without an additional charge can play SFC or FCs masterpiece, I think that the older user is a group of titles that will be fishing enough to buy only the body. In particular, since the cartridge is also delivered, such as the rare masterpiece Demons Blazon of SFCs late Cap com, also delivered the title, so it is very advantageous if you think that other services are included. It can be said.

Also, if it is a new work that came out, Shin-Goddess Tense V will also be in the choice. Numbering new work is one of the pretty attractive titles because of the user who was playing the goddess reincarnation series in real time from FC.

Another difference between the Persona Series, etc., the original dark scenario expansion is a unique element of this series.

If you want more attacked titles, the goal is ugly, but how is the option called Super Real Mahjong series?

Although it is a title that is stuck in one of the old game centers, it is a title that stabbed 100 yen at that time, and it is still a nostalgic memorable thing that has been eligible for Thai (by the way, the recommendation is PV And p7).

Recently, Mahjong Final Romance R is also released to be launched on the switch, and it is intended to be a title that can be sold on the switch.


In urban areas, the feeling of overheating is still seen, but it was easier to get in addition to some unimpeded in this measure, and it is also easy to buy the body than before It is definitely true for the feeling you saw.

Even if it is not a package, there is also a means of download sales so that you can easily play a wide variety of titles. If you plan to buy a new switch body this time, you will also be happy to play a game of genres that you can not usually play.