Prime Minister Want 2G

When using the 2G rule, only vaccinated and geneses are likely to be used. Unvaccinated athletes would be damned to watch. Of a corresponding regulation, unvaccinated professionals would be in handball, basketball or ice hockey. However, it is still open whether such a regulation is legally implementable.

In the preliminary discussion of the country bosses and chiefs, we agreed very quickly that if viewers must consider in the stadium 2G, which, in our view, also apply to the professionals, said Nordrhein-Westfalens Landeschef Hendrik Must (CDU) according to the Prime Minister Conference on Thursday. Whether we get that implemented, we have to check now.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) was still uncertain, which should apply in the future for professional athletes. Usually it is the fact that the working world is 3G and not 2g is imposed there, said Merkel on the professional sport and supplemented: Now it depends on whether that s the world of work or the leisure world.

Access restrictions on hospitalization rate coupled

Yes, over 4,400 fully vaccinated people have been hospitalized with COVID-19

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Previously, the lap had decided that in the future only vaccinated or Coronavirus people should have access to sporting events.

The intensified measures should resort if the hospitalization rate designated for the respective federal state exceeds the threshold 3. With this value, the number of Corona patients recorded in clinics is meant 100,000 inhabitants within seven days. Currently, only the federal states of Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Saarland and Schleswig-Holstein are under the value.

If the rate exceeds 6, the 2G-Plus control enters into force. Then vaccinated and Jensen also need a negative corona test. However, these access rules should only apply to adults.

2g, 3G, mask? This applies to the 12th match day in the Bundesliga stadiums