Questions and answers about the Grand Prix of Qatar

What s up?

The Formula 1 season gets the final spurt, which has already indicated all year: according to Lewis Hamilton ton s great victory in Brazil, the record world champion is back, with only 14 points residue on World Cup-leader Max, he goes into the last three races : On Sunday (15 o clock, live! At Cup-leader Max) in Qatar, then in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.

Max Verstappen v Lewis Hamilton: Who will have the advantage at F1 2021 Qatar Grand Prix?
Who wins in Doha — and who brings the title?

Both questions can not be answered seriously. During the year, there were always phases in which Hamilton and Mercedes seemed to do, record number eight seemed unreachable for the English — to superior to stages and Red Bull in some races. Hamilton, however, always managed to come back, especially impressively, the past weekend in Brazil, the most difficult and best of my career, he says. Despite two rec lasses he won his strong new engine seems to reverse the signs for the last races. But the season finale is a white paper: Qatar slipped due to Corona for the first time in the calendar, even on the city course in Jidda it is the premiere, and in Abu Dhabi was rebuilt on crucial sites.

What s about the nerve costume of those involved?

Hamilton and stages act quietly, hardly allow errors, so the title fight takes place at such a high level. Hamilton, who can even depend on Michael Schumacher at the end of the season, has already experienced everything, and trapping does not work like one who goes seriously for the first time. The tension is nevertheless obvious, especially with a view of the chief days: Mercedes and Red Bull grooms every movement, each recovered tenth-sensor of each other suspicious, supposed rule violations are searched and objected — so Mercedes now rediscover a stop maneuver from Brazil. Lastly, between two race stables 2012 was scarce, Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull then hit Fernando Alonso in Ferrari.

What are the Germans doing?

They bring this season to an end. Vettel can at least regularly drive a few World Cup points at the Aston Martin, fascinating duels around front places are not possible with this car. Mick Schumacher drives in the weak Haas the field behind, usually leaves his team rivals Nikita Casein behind — and hopes for a crazy race with many failures in the final spurt, which could still enable the first point. Otherwise, as well as Vettel, he relies on the next year with completely new regulations. Then — purely theoretically — could be possible for both more.

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Doha, Jidda, Abu Dhabi Finally — Why?

The three-pack in the Arab region has two reasons. A practical: Formula 1 has inflated its season on the meantime 22 races, so late a year it takes weather security, which is only available on a few stretches. Qatar was therefore allowed in the short term for Australia — but received a ten-year contract on top of that. And there will be the much more important reason: the countries pay a lot of money to spend a race of the royal class, and Formula 1 has never been split there. Protests for on-site human rights violations, because of sport swashing remain largely uncommented.