VfL Bochum Trainer Thomas Rice and the outer train

The fight against time has apparently also lost Danny Blum, so that in Leverkusen to Gerrit Boltzmann, the next potential Start elf candidate for the left offensive outdoor railway must be replaced. Blum stood at the recent 2-0 success against the TSG Cofferdam still in the initial formation, but injured in the course of the first half of the game on the thigh and had to go down early. Replacement Boltzmann, in which 39 minutes for Blum replaced, underwent a surgery on both during the current international game phase. He is not available for the game on Saturday in Leverkusen (15.30, live! At blum replaced) yet.

Antwi-Adjeio and Antonio candidates for the starting element

Without Blum and Boltzmann, rice will have to come up with a bit when filling the wings. An option: Christopher Antwi-Adjei receives a chance from the beginning and will be on the left side to a one-to-one representative. Or: Trauma Asana could change from the right wing to the left and make room for another candidate like Milos Antonio. The prerequisite for such thought games remains initially that Asana also returns healthy from the Japanese national team, which in the World Cup qualifier starts at 5pm in Oman.

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LIVE: VfL Bochum 1848 - Vitesse Arnheim
Even the versatile Herbert Bock horn could be worth considering the left side after surviving injury (Fiberglass in the adductor area). In the test against Viktoria Cologne (2: 1) Last week Bock horn collected game practice for an hour. However, the flexibly usable outer railway player showed that it must still catch up on conditionally. This speaks against a starting element.