NEW WORLD Nearest Dupe sparks renewed discussion about server

Over the past few days, the MMO New World again caused negative headlines. Initially, there were heat-led discussions about the use of MiniP-Addons, a short time later, a new Item Dupe and the resulting deactivation of the entire trade followed. Therefore, now again, voices are loud, which once again demand a complete server wipe.

New World PERMABANNING Item Dupers! Dev Response To Duping & Exploits After Trade Freeze
What are the fans hoped by a server wipe at New World?

As can be read in the official forum, some fans return the decline in game numbers, especially on the numerous problems since the launch. In their view, a server wipe would ensure a kind of restart with significantly less inconvenience and, above all, a much more stable economic system.

All players would be able to start under the same conditions, which ultimately some should make a return to New World (Buy Now €39.99) tasty. These are at least the hopes of the advocates of such a wipe.

Not all players want to restart New World

But there have already been a lot of opponents to speak of this proposal that vehemently fight against a server wipe in New World. They refer to the time and efforts already invested by them, which would be destroyed in such an action with a blow. Although they sometimes understand the longing for a restart under more comfortable conditions, but you should not scissor all players about a comb.

What do the New World developers say to the WIPE proposal?

Already at the beginning of this month, Kay from Amazon Game Studios told himself to comment on the current discussions about the Wipe theme. According to his statements, is definitely not planned for such a step.

At the current time we do not consider a rollback still a wipe into consideration.

Source: Forum

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Some New World players once again demand a server wipe. (2) [Source: Amazon Games]

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