Wow the patch 9 2 would be the last of Shadowlands

According to Blizzard s communication, it seems that the patch 9.2 the end of the Eternity would be the last patch of the Shadow lands extension on wow. Thus, the extension will have only three raids, a content that seems a little shortened in the image of Warlords of Drano a few years ago. Note that you can find all novelties and the stakes of this patch very expected on our dedicated article.

Updated: A day from Friday, November 12th.

The 9.2 patch would be the last of Shadow lands

If we believe the communication of Blizzard in the preview of the developers (see below) and the different interviews made sense, it seems that the patch 9.2 is the last content of Shadow lands. The extension will therefore include only three raids and three MM + seasons, a slightly smaller content than usual. Indeed, BFA had known 5 raids (4 major and a 2 boss raid) so it s a back to Wow. The last time a similar situation took place was on Won, where an entire part of the extension had been set aside by the game development team.

However, the context is quite unique for Blizzard who, in addition to having delays related to COVID-19, is bogged down in the case opposing the state of California. Therefore, the lack of content is understandable, but the players have the right to be a little disappointed.

Summary of the contents of the 9.2 patch of wow

The patch should be the end of the act around the main opponent of Shadow lands, the jailer but also throw the rest of the adventure on wow. It is therefore a transition patch versus the adventure and probably a forgot of the next extension…

Among the novelties related to this patch, we will find in particular the following elements.

A new game area: Earth Morris, which will be the place of a new reputation, new daily quests, events and rewards.
A new raid on wow: the sepulcher of the founders, who is a new raid HL where Indoor will be one of our opponents.
The return of class set, armor sets related to the class, with bonuses out of 2 and 4 pieces, as at the time of the last armor sets.
Two new mm + mythical stone dungeons with Nazareth separated into two parts.
It will be possible to equip two legendary at the same time, a linked to your congregation, the other to your class.
A new season of MM + and PVP.
New mounts and mascots.
Changes on trades, ties of soul and intermediaries.
A mini dance game at the Fair of Sombrelune.

Release date of the patch 9.2 The end of the Eternity

Unveiled on Thursday, November 11, the contents of the patch 9.2 is titled the end of the Eternity. This last big patch of the Shadow lands extension is crucial for the rest of World of Warcraft since it must be able to link between SL and the next add-on. For the moment, no official release date has been published, but it is estimated that an exit date around March seems logical.

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It would seem that the 9.2 patch would be the last big content of the Wow Shadow lands extension. You can find all our information and guides on our World of Warcraft portal.