Tom Clancy s Rainbow Six Extraction Price Reduced Release Date Unveil

Tom Clancy s Rainbow Six Extraction finally has a real date of publication. On January 20, 2022, Rainbow Six fans of the Alien threat can sit down in the way.

Reduced price, Buddy Pass Tokens, and more

However, this is not everything that Ubisoft announced about the new coop shooter. The game should actually bear the normal price tag of 60 euros, but the company has now decided to sell the standard edition of the game for 39.99 euros. There is also a deluxe edition with three digital bonus packages for 49.99 euros. Players who have already pre-ordered the title for the cosmetics package Orbital Decay will be reimbursed the difference.

In addition, every unit of the game will have two Buddy Pass Tokens. These tokens can be shipped to your friends who can then try a 14-do s test version of the game. If these decide to buy after the test time, all progress will be adopted directly. It does not matter through built-in cross-play and cross-progression, on which platform the shooter is played.

For all owners of Rainbow Six victories that are gaining Extraction, Ubisoft has another small driving line: All 18 operators from the game are automatically unlocked in Rainbow Six Victories. The Elite Cosmetics Pack of United Front is available for both games.

It does not happen too often that a game experiences a price reduction so shortly before the release. Maybe Ubisoft now does not look at the game as a complete standalone game but rather than a smaller spin-off.

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Buddy Pass, New Lower Price, and Special Offers | Rainbow Six Extraction
12.11.2021 at 19:35