MZ Generation Global Large Events Metabus

Magpies are planning to use meta buses to children, adolescents or foreigners who are familiar with new digital contents. The Teenagers of the Teenagers in the world participated by the Gang won Youth Winter Olympics, the Saemangeum Jam bury events participating in the 14-16-year-old Youth Scout Corporation.

If you hold the global event in the meta bus, you can exchange the initial ripple effect and evolve into a new service, and you can expect continuity. There is also an advantage of attracting attention to overseas users.

Magnetic elements with such meta bus event plans are planning to service through the preparation period for 2 to 4 years, and to request the central government, policy and budget support.

The Science and Technology Information Tank and the Korean Propagation Association (RAP) held a Magnetic Metabus business practitioner meeting in Magog, Seoul on the 11th, and had time to listen to the metabus plans of each local government. More than 40 people attended by 16, Digital Contents, Digital Contents, and Digital Contents (Director), Digital Content and officials, and Digital Municipalities, RAP, and Information Telecommunications Industry Promotion Agency (IPA).

(Central Government and Magnolia) tried to create a number of public apps in the mobile era, and I think that the same attempts should be the same in the metabus era while watching the appearance of these apps, The service also actively utilizes the private platform, and the public institution should have the principle to open the API.

It is said that I have been overly foamed on the metabus I have to constantly try to make such a bubble and make a sustainable model to make a sustainable model.

The municipality that announced on this day is ▲ Seoul, Daegu ▲ Inchon ▲ ▲ Gangwon-do ▲ Jeollabuk-do. The form of a metabus service form aimed at each of the geologists varies from augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), or a composite form that combines both. There is a place with a long-term plan to collect scattered services with integrated meta bus platforms.

Gang won, Keokuk, Meta bus business,

Gang won Province, Jeollabuk-do is aiming to hold a large global event with a meta bus to make a digital leap instrument. Through job creation, we plan to solve local youth tribes, job problems, and tourism projects.

As a global event, which is scheduled to be held in Gang won Province, the World Chorus Competition and the World Forest Expressed, the GTI International Trade Investment Fair, which are held annually, the Gang won Youth Olympics and the GTI International Trade Investment Fair held annually.

Especially, the age group of Yeongguk Winter Youth Olympics players is mostly familiar with new services such as met abuses. We plan to use their characteristics to combine communities in the meta bus, virtual play, and Isomers.

We have been a tour of the tourist in Gang won Province, said Rangoon Dynasty, and Team Leader said, We have a tour of the tourism in Gang won Province, which will be a business to catch the metabus content or developing companies. Gang won Province If you take a break, you will have a tourist destination to develop it with a meta bus.

We are planning to do next month, We will be ready to be prepared according to various projects prepared in the next year, he said.

The Jeollabuk-do plans to build a met averse platform in preparation for the Saemangeum Jam bury event, which is the global event to be held in August 2023. On the 10-day Saemangeum area, a large event to act as a camping such as a 50,000 younger adolescents in the Saemangeum area. The female family member, Jeollabuk-do, Korea Scout Federation shall be governed by.

Innovation policy and team leader in Lee Hyun-jung, and the team leader may seem to be lacked in Seoul, but we have been due to the Saemangeum Jam bury event, he said, It is said that it came out of the Saemangeum Amber, said, I do not want to participate in Amber, but I can not participate in Amber, It will be a space for.

We will experience a space that students who are scheduled to participate in the event would be a space that can be experienced in advance or later in Korea.

The government is also supported by the government, as well as the government, as well as data, and 360 species dam will be built by next year, and and and Operation Ministry established a met averse strategy to establish a metabus strategy We plan to deploy after the Minister of Buddha, he said.

Until then, we will reflect the demand for regional demand, he said, I will reflect as much as possible if I deliver any plans in the local government.

Seoul, Inchon, Daegu, high-precision map Urban Total Digital Twin

In addition to using met averse in large event progress, there is also a Neapolitan body to use the met averse in terms of the convenience of citizen s everyday life. They have a plan to build a high-precision three-dimensional map, and they are planning to platform, and the service types are also diverse and large budgets are added.

The Seoul Metropolitan City plans to build a map of the IS map, which is equipped with high-precision alley maps, building interior maps, and winding maps. Daegu City has established a goal of reaching the level of virtual economy as long-term cooperation with ultra-wide cooperation with EU, Kwangju, Metropolitan area.

First, the Seoul Metropolitan Government completed a step-by-step plan until the 2030 integrated meta bus platform construction. This year, in the pilot stage, the City Hall Lobby, Gyeongbok Palace XR, and Virtual Bong XR, and Virtual Single Tonga contents. In the next year, the introduction of Pin Tech Playground, Metabus 120 Center, Seoul Metropolitan Class, Metropolitan Meta Class, Meta Bus Seoul Tourism, Seoul Mentoring Consultation Room.

In 2023-2024, we create Invest Seoul, which is supported for foreign investment and altitudes the services applied at the introduction stage. In 2025-2626, in the settlement phase, create a XR realistic city and adds possible features that can be managed by XR-based intelligent urban management.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government Officer said, We have a three-dimensional map of Seoul, and you can get data every year, and you can get newly secured data this year. There was also a service.

In the S map, you can see the alleys that are not provided in the private portal, and you can show the building in the game mode. As part of the Time Machine Project, you will be able to use the Cultural Heritage Planning Data as part of the time machine project, I added a realization plan.

????????700-й электробус в Москве. Будущее Московского Транспорта | 700th electric bus in Moscow.
Inchon City will pursue XR Metabus Inchon joint projects centered on Inchon International Airport. Lead inside and out of the area to the stage of the metabus. Site 380,000 ㎡ will be built on a virtual 3D map.

Especially for completed metabus experiences and social weaknesses, we plan to cooperate with XR glass companies such as XR Glass companies such as Inception, Genesis and are planned for hardware that can be used in the field. Never Lamps, with Indoor Professional Position Technology, also participate in the Content Production Corporation PS.

This project is a large business of 13.77 billion won, and it is a policy that enhances the value of SDK, Open API, and manufacturing tools that can be used as a large business of 13.77 billion won.

Inchon City Smart City Officer said, As a business that is carrying up with Inchon International Airport, it will be able to be attracted to the metabus as one of the nationwide tourist destinations, he said, he said, he said. I said.

It is aiming to virtualize the city as well as Daegu City. Currently, we have built exhibitions, Virgin Town, etc. through various metabus services companies, and in the future, implementation on the meta bus, and develop the authoring tool that can actually participate in the metabus construction, The virtual economy is also a policy to enable virtual economy.

Especially, Daegu plans to build a GR-AR fusion metabus service in cooperation with EU and Kwangju in this process. It is a plan to have a cooperative system with the metropolitan area linked to the Public Herb Center, and the Pang yo Herb Center.

Daegu City is proposed by Daegu City, Metropolitan Team Leader, Daegu City is proposed and participated in the Metropolitan Society, said Daegu City Jobs, said,

Three years of achieving 300 metabus companies, aimed at achieving 300 met abases, we plan to develop their five-specific services, he said, he said.