Mega Lopunny Best Condition and Weakness Pokemon Go Raid Guide Joshua Raymer

With the upcoming Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Go event where mega-raids around standing County the focus, you may look for ways to prepare yourself, to counter the mega-Evolved Super Boss. In this guide, we will cover the best moves that are required to finish a mega County Raid, so you are ready when the raid events roll in November.

The best mega County counter in Pokémon Go

Mega County is a Pokémon type Normal / fight, which means all movements Psychic-type, flight, fight and Fairy in the fight to be extremely that prove effective. However, do not expect that you will win just because of the type of effectiveness. This is still a mega-Raid, so you have to bring out terribly powerful Pokémon, if you want to effectively challenge the raid. The following list is a list of the best matchups, net of potential shadow or mega Pokémon on your team.

Pokémon | Fast attack | charged attack

Mew two | confusion | Strike
Hoop | confusion | clairvoyant
Ratios | Zen Headbutt | clairvoyant
Conkeldurr | switches | dynamic impact
Molters | Wing attack | sky attack
Lucio | switches | aura sphere
Metagross | Zen Headbutt | clairvoyant

Mew two is your strongest option as a legendary clairvoyant who can be equipped with confusion and Strike and should
Hoop is another legendary clairvoyant not far behind Mew two, his entangling and clairvoyant moves will both prove to be powerful against County
Ratios can be equipped with Zen Headbutt Psychic and to achieve a super effective combo in this Mega RAID

Conkeldurr is our first non-legendary recommendation, as it is a battle type that can cause enormous with lock and dynamic impact damage
Molters, extremely powerful legendary airplane type can cause massive attack with wing and sky Attack Damage
Lucio is a battle Pokémon that achieve the highest DPS with Counter and Aura Sphere can
Metagross, although it is not legendary, can with his Psychic moves Zen Headbutt Psychic and still make a major contribution

If you have shadow versions of all of these Pokémon, is of course highly recommended using it instead of your basic version of the team. If you happen to be owned by Mega-Evolved Pokémon, they also exchange one. A mega Midget with Gust and Grave Bird is one of the strongest Pokémon that are available for this mega-raid. Also, a Mega Harvard Air Slash and Burn Blast a strong contender, who even ranked above some Legendarily.

Mega County Raid schedule

Mega County will appear starting with the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Go event on November 16 in raids and will be released by December 1 at 10 am local time in raids. If you re worried about missing out on something, you essentially have much time to prepare for this mega-raid before the start and even during the event.

Recommended team size and weather conditions

Your players will have a significant impact on how quickly and efficiently the raid is completed. We recommend 4 players for your raid, but with a strong team you can raid theoretically with 3 players or fewer complete. That is, to beat County quickly you will bring more mega power so sure try that you compete as possible with so many players.

Finally, the weather can affect the forces of mega County.

Sunny / clear weather will strengthen Mega Lounges fire attacks
Partly cloudy weather strengthened Lounges normal attacks
Cloudy weather will intensify attacks Lounges type fight, but also your counter type fairies and fight

Overall, it is important to consider the weather conditions when you scratch just short of it. Sunny and partly cloudy are definitely the worst conditions, to fight, but cloudy weather, you may be able to push over the edge if your team has a sufficiently large health pool to accommodate Lounges counterattacks.

So you should ideally be prepared to fight Mega County in the coming Diamond and Pearl events. If you seek help to other areas of the game, you will find more instructions to rest of Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go is available for free on Android and iOS devices.