Call of Duty Vanguard 5 tips for multiplayer mode

With Call of Duty Vanguard, the series returns to its Second World War back roots. Of course, again a multiplayer mode on board, which may go at the beginning quite hectic, especially for newcomers. That s why we want to give five tips on hand to you now.

movement, soldier!

Should you not yet have played Call of Duty online, you will quickly notice that the speed of play is very high. According to her, you rarely have the opportunity to consider stop and carefully your approach. Therefore, our first tip is: Always on the move.

Many maps about Hotel Royale, are so designed that you can fall into the enemy flank. Players with an aggressive style of play are thus at an advantage, which is why ye should adapt to it. Pay attention also to the fact that there is a short delay after the sprint, before you can attack again.

Keep the (mini) map at a glance

Just as we already mentioned, Hotel Royale. This is a total of 20 maps, which are available in Vanguard, and it is advisable you memorize the best routes. You do not need all of you cards perfect note, but those that you like to play, you should ideally you know so well that you respond well to possible surprises can.

In addition, you should sometimes a look at the mini map to throw, because this shows you, where your teammates are, or die. In addition, you can see there too, where you can find items and enemies when they fire without silencer. It is a quite useful tool that can use their tactics to your advantage, but you should not get too focused on you.


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Of the perks we now come to the equipment or the loadouts, as these play an important role in Vanguard. Some cards have to adjust their pace and your someone type of weapon is more useful than another.

Therefore, you your gear should choose wisely in order to be ready for each map. For small Maps approximately weapons suitable for short range while a sniper rifle can be useful for sprawling cards.

A perk for all cases

Speaking loadouts: An important component of your equipment are perks that can give you in the frenzied in one or the other advantage. Therefore, we would like to recommend at this point three particularly useful perks:

Ghost This capability allows you to walk around undetected on the map, which opens up to you a considerable tactical advantage. A good alternative would Cold Blooded.
High Alert This perk you can help to avoid snipers, because it shows you cover options and deliver you from a possibly premature end of a match. Alternatively Piercing Visions is worth a look.
Overkill: The Perk allows you to equip two primary weapons in a loadout that you turn opens up some exciting possibilities. Also, a good option would be scavenger.

Know your (new) opportunities

Also be sure to use the three new mechanics touchdown, blind fire and suppression fire. The first two points slows you down though, but just the first increase for your precision, why do you weigh well have to.

Furthermore, should you your surroundings look carefully, because there are destructible walls on the maps that you open up new paths and options. It may be worthwhile to use one or the other of them.

What advice would you play a multiplayer newcomer to Call of Duty Vanguard give?