Forza Horizon 5 How to reach the XP Board under the Shubhendu Vatsa motorway bridge

If you have reached the 5000 XP Board Under Highway Bridge, you know that it is time to revise things and cause ultimate destruction as it is in Fora Horizon 5 rewards in the game and there are 250 of them smash. There are 250 bonus boards in this race series, some of which XP boards and the rest of fast travel shops. While they can earn between 1000 and 5,000 experience points through the smashing of the XP boards, the speed travel boards help you to lower travel expenses on the Mexican Subcontinent.

One of these XP boards, which is also the notorious collectible piece in the game, is the Cordillera Under Bridge Bonus Board. It is obviously difficult to smash this because he brings you the highest score: 5000 XP points. At once. So that must be like a boss. The Cordillera area of ​​the card is the Cordillera Under Bridge Bonus Board strategically under the highway that leads in the middle of Mexico. Since there are no PR stunts nearby, they have no way to rely on a ramp. You must reach this XP board by driving over the terrain.

Here is a guide on how to destroy the Cordillera Under Bridge Bonus Board in Fora Horizon 5.

How to shatter the XP board under the highway bridge in Fora Horizon 5

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So that they do not get lost and lose the overview, it is advisable to set up west of the XP board. As soon as you are in the valley next to the highway, you have a view of the pillars that carry the bridge.

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Avoid the right side as it is a crossroads of the bridge and floor, and make sure you move in the direction of the board at a minimum speed of 90 mph. Make sure you do not hit something that you can jump away from the board. In any case, the car should show on the gap in the middle of the column.

Try to rewind after each miscarriage from the ground, as smaller adjustments in your trail increase the thrust of your car to get you closer to the board. You do not have to smash the bonus board literally. It is enough to touch it. May happiness be with you in this endeavor.

Fora Horizon 5 is already available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. The game is already available as part of the Xbox Game Pass library. You can read our review for the game here.