Devs Sisters Cumulative Sales 268 2 billion won in 3Q 404 increase in the previous year

[Kids News 24 Moon Young — Sew] Devs Sisters (Joint Representative Lee Typhoon, Kim Jong-il) announced on the 10th that sales of W67.1bn, W77.1bn, W7.6bn in the third quarter of 2021, and net profit of W6.2bn.

Sales increased by 279% YoY, and operating profit surged to surplus, net profit surged by 2,302%. It was found that sales and operating profit, net profit fell 29.93%, 61.48% and 61.35%, respectively.

In the third quarter of 2021, we recorded sales of W268.2bn, operating profit of W50.9bn, operating profit of W50.9bn. For sales, 404% surged compared to the same period last year.


These results are Cookie Runs: Kingdom and Cookie Runs: Oven Break, which has been popular with Cookie Runs: King and 5 years this year.

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However, Cookie Runs: We decline naturally occurred in the process of stabilizing the service of Kingdom, and the company s lateral explanation, which has been reflected in the past quarterly, as overseas performance, which is expected to be achieved only one month, as it is expected to decline naturally in September and its global campaign. Sales growth, which is centered on overseas markets, is expected to be reflected in earnest from 4Q.

Cookie Runs, which has become a game that is a game that is steadily enjoying a steady game of more than 1 million in the year after the launch of January this year, the kingdom started in September. As the US campaign in October, the MAU (the number of monthly active users) has been recorded.

Based on this, Cookie Run: Kingdom rose to the first place in the Japanese Apple App Store and Google Play Game in September, and in October, the US Apple App Store Game Sales Ranking is the third place. In addition, the Apple App Store Popular ranking is ranked first in RPG in 59 areas. Cookie Run: It increased with interest in oven brakes, and about 23 million MAUs last month.

Dev Sisters plans to focus on the capacity to expand the Global Competitiveness of Kingdom in the United States Market. In addition to COM2US, the first quarter of the year, in the first quarter of the year, we continue to add multilingual voice content and promote user and profit scale. In addition, local services are also promoted as a China Publishing Agreement in September.

Currently, the Siege House and Brick City, Party, Cookie Run: Oven Mesh, etc. Turning on the visualization of new growth engines including new services including the next game project and Mai Cookie Run s fan platform..

In addition, it is based on a Cookie Run Digital Art based on a Cookie Run Digital Art based on NFT (not replaced token).