Azzouzi Exclusive German football loses talents

1.9 million euros earned the SPV GG Reuther Fürth in the rise season 2020/21 alone because they set up the right players: that with no professional club, the local player had received more atmospheres, i.e. U-23 players who at least Three years between the 15th and 21st year of life were registered with a DFB club, the DFL rewarded with this sum.

This is an instrument for us, on which we consciously set, explains Sport Director Rashid Azzouzi in the million euros interview (Monday issue), which he gave together with the Mainer CEO Stefan Hoffmann and Bochum Managing Director Ilia Kenzie. With the current season, the DFL even increases the pot and rewards the design of the talents in addition to the use. One thing, however, disturbs Azzouzi significantly.

Annoy him, that the current increase is basically beneficial. The clubs who have more money will pick up our guys with 12, 13, 14 years away and benefit from them because they are attributed to them the training years.

This is often a catastrophe for personality development

He did not care about the uneven financial possibilities. Bavaria and Dortmund can have so much money as they want, that s what is warring, says Azzouzi. But if you give more money to a 14-year-old than we do our best players in the 2nd league, then what makes the training and the player who may lose and believe the motivation relatively early. He is just a promise to the future.

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But the players often do not understand, and it s hard. There are not a lot to do so much. As a result, the German football loses hopeful talents, because they earn too much too early, says Azzouzi and calls the English Master as an example: SANITY had last or penultimate season I believe 24 left-back under contract, which you have awarded then. A player can not develop healthy over several steps. For example, from Fürth to Mainz and then to Bavaria.

Instead, he will be chattered at a young age with a high basic salary of a top club. If he does not manage, he should play later in the 2nd league for half later. This is of course a problem, for personality development even often a disaster. And the small clubs become the possibility of creating transfer values ​​to develop substance.

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