New World announces to merge servers but wants to be careful

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The new MONEY WORLD announces to merge the first server. In the initial phase you have brought extremely many servers online, now where the rush has laid, you are planning the first server merges. But you want to be careful.

New World | Server Lists Out! Merging Servers? No SEA Servers?

This is the announcement from Amazon: on Saturday afternoon, 7.11.2021, an official announcement of New World in a thread came in the official forum, which has been promoted in server associations (via Forums. Newworld). An employee of Amazon says:

Server compositions are on the horizon, but we need more Scale Testing before we are confident enough to apply technology to live worlds. As you can imagine, we are more prefixed after the first bumpy weeks now >
Kay, New World Developer

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One announces then people should have an eye on what Amazon say in near future. There is probably an announcement of a community manager.

Caught on Dying Server

Why do people already want server associations? In the forum, a player says, his server in Europe would have a low population density and would shrink. Some guilds planned a server transfer.

Some content in New World are so built (like outpost rush) are so built that you need a minimum of players to operate them. The players now felt for a dying server caught.

Server structure of New World enforces such measures

That s behind it: That sounds more dramatic than it s. New World relies on a classic server model with many, relatively small servers. This is actually unusual, most MMORPGs have flexible servers where you can switch the channels (Black Desert), Server Cluster (WOW) or SEGA Server (The Elder Scrolls Online): In this structure you do not have to constantly Increase or lower the number of servers.

The advantage of small servers is that one knows people there on the server. It has a direct impact if such an invasion-horde comes from players.

The disadvantage is this effect now:

In the release phase, with maximum capacity utilization, there is a long queue, people roar after more servers and there are more and more worlds
If this first rush is over, people complain, they are on dead servers, the operator must merge servers and the feeling The game dies now

This will now automatically lead to New World is already dead postings, but that s really a problem that lies on the server structure of New World.

New World has lost just 50% of his players — I say, That s totally normal