AOC and Jagmeet Singh play among us on Twitch

Last month, the member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez entered the Twitch celebrity with his flow among us to promote the vote for the US presidential election of 2020, alongside his colleague Than Omar. She had YouTubers from all over the internet who wanted to broadcast with her. Twitch Stars like Primate, Disguised Toast, Hasan Abi, Jacksepticeye, QC and Drupe were part of a group of rotating players in the stream. Last night, she was back after an invitation from Jag meet Singh, the head of the NDP of Canada. The Canadian MPs and members of the American Congress are defiled in space. What could happen wrong?

For our non-Canadian readers, the NDP (New Democratic Party) is the most to the left of the three main political parties in Canada. Jag meet Singh is the leader of the party. Being one of the most left members of the Congress, AOC would focus perfectly with the NDP and would be a natural friend of Singh. There is a particularly entertaining moment about an hour after the start of the stream, where AOC saw Jag meet Singh kill a player right in front of her, bringing him to accuse him and a polar game?


Disguised toast, QC and Hasan ABI returned from the last AOC flow, and were also joined by Alana Pearce (Charanahzard) and Adept this time. This flow has collected funds for local pantry and legal expulsion defense. As a Canadian boy, I m a bit concerned about Jag meet Singh s ability to deceive.

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