NEW WORLD Server wipe as a solution Developer says No

Since the messaged Launch of New World, the MMO hardly comes out of the negative headlines. The problems range from gold bugs to annoying bots to numerous technical problems and an allegedly almost destroyed economic system. In recent days, therefore, the call for a server wipe for a restart was already loud. But what do the developers say?

Server Wipe at New World?

At the beginning of this week, a thread of the user Vivers was launched in the official forum, where it was about the proposal for a server wipe. Such restart should enable all players to draw under the same conditions and without the big bugs from the launch time fresh into the online adventure.

Alternatively, there was the suggestion that the developers could bring some new servers for New World (Buy 39.99 € now) online to enable at least those players to reboot, which actually want that.

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Developer logs on to the server wipe

Recently, with Kay a developer from Amazon Game Studios told himself to comment. His statement is just as scarce as clear:

At the current time we do not consider a rollback still a wipe into consideration.

Accordingly, New World fans should prefer to say goodbye to see a server wipe in the foreseeable future. On the suggestion to bring fresh servers to the start, however, the staff did not go.

However, the fans in the forum do not believe that the last word is spoken in this regard. Many of them are of the opinion that Amazon Game Studios has no other possibility other than a server wipe on a further aggravation of the situation.

Source: Official forum

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