Xbox Game Pass Monthly Tasks November 2021 How to Get FREE 1645 REWARDS Points

There are plenty of the reasons to play forza Horizon 5, and if you plan to do it this month and through the game Pass you have Triple Reward points : You will advance in several missions, you will complete different daily, weekly and monthly tasks and, in addition, achieving Three achievements will receive up to 150 additional reward points.

As every month, at Xbox Game we meet all the monthly tasks of Xbox Game Pass In the same place and, already position, we explain and advise how to resolve those that require extra time for you to Quites in record time and claims all the points offered.

This month there is nothing less than 1645 rewards points at stake Just for playing and giving using the game Pass from Xbox, and the best thing is that you can claim them from the console, your PC or playing in the cloud with Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Claim your 10 daily points!

As we remind you every month, just to start a game included in the Xbox, PC or Cloud Game Pass, you will get 5 Reward points. And if you also open the Xbox Game Pass mobile application you will get 5 additional points.

Commitment to tasks

Objective: Complete 12 daily tasks and 12 weekly tasks this month
Reward: +100 Rewards points

Task Full

Objective: Complete 45 daily tasks and 15 weekly tasks this month
Reward: +1000 Rewards points
The advice: To achieve this you can easily open a game of the game Pass and the Xbox Game Pass app. It will not take you or two minutes a day and the reward is quite high.


Objective: Get two murders in Payday 2: CrimeWave Edition
The advice: simply, start a game in any way and eliminate two enemies.

Forza Horizon 5 [2×75 points]

Objective: Get 3 Achievements at Forza Horizon 5
Reward: +150 Rewards points [2×75 points]
The advice: Passing the first compasses of the game you will unlock the first achievements. In case you miss you, open the map and play a couple of races.

Apprentice tasks

Objective: Complete 8 weekly tasks

Adventurer of the Game Pass

Objective: Play 10 Game Game Different Pass
The tip: To achieve this you do not have to start the game of each game. Just start ten games and wait until the achievement of the game pass on the screen jumps. If you open them in the cloud you can achieve it in less than 5 minutes.

Efootball PES 2021

Objective: Win 1 MyClub: RANKED MATCH (SIM) on Efootball PES 2021.
Reward: +75 REWARD Points

The advice: Basically, you are asked to play and win a simulated ranking match. You should not touch the ball, although it does manage your strategy. The first game will be against the game of the game and if you do not get very well, put everything in automatic.

Rookie of tasks

Objective: Complete 4 weekly tasks
Reward: +10 REWARD Points

State of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition [Exclusive Game Pass Ultimate]

Objective: Kill to 40 Zombies in State of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition
Reward: +75 REWARD Points
The advice: If you already have an starting game, get on a vehicle and coil those that come out to you. If you go to a group will take less. If you have to start from scratch, it is best to try the DayBreak mode.

Game Pass Explorer

Objective: Play 4 Game Game Different Pass
Reward: +10 REWARD Points


Objective: Gather 1000 resources in Terraria.

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Monthly Xbox Game Pass Quest Guide - Get 2 Kills
Reward: +75 REWARD Points
The advice: Take out any tool and start breaking the ground, vegetation and everything you see on the screen. Maybe you ll even take a little one if you start a game of zero, but you can remove it in an afternoon or several days.

Game Pass games anywhere

Objective: Install 5 games with the Game Pass mobile application

The tip: Just open the Game Pass app, choose five games and install them. No need to complete the installation. If you re tight on storage space on the console, choose five titles indie and then cancels the download from the console.

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