Spain allows direct and algorithmic censorship for streamers in a new and controversial law

The Government of Spain has today approved the Royal Decree-Law 24/2021 by which several European directives are transposed, including those of Copyright. An expected step but not exempt from new controversies after discovering themselves by different associations new additions that, according to their warnings, go beyond the agreed opening the door at direct and algorithmic censorship for streamers.

The platforms will be responsible for the publication of protected content The highest complaints come through Article 17 of the aforementioned Law, which says: Service providers to share online content will be Responsible for Acts No Authorized communication to the public, including the provision of works and other benefits protected by intellectual property rights. In other words, the platforms cease to be intermediaries and may have a pity if they do not eliminate a content protected by copyright.

To avoid such charges, these portals will need to demonstrate that they have made their greatest efforts to guarantee the unavailability of protected works and benefits, which means to launch algorithms and other mechanics that allows them to automate the erase of what Contents.

As explained from Xataka, this applies to all portals, so small forums and other websites could have its operation quite complicated.

The censorship to creators of content

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The worrying changes of the transposition also touches the streamers, and it says: In relation to live content, online-sharing services providers must disable access to them or withdraw them from their website during retransmission of the live event in question. This, according to Carlos Sanchez Almeida, Legal Director of the Platform in Defense of Freedom of Information in Declarations to Xataka, will allow Cutting without greater delay the broadcast of great creators if they retransmit some protected material.

These and other measures explained in depth by our Xataka colleagues will come into force as of Thursday, although approval from the Congress of Deputies still subtraction within 30 days that could stop their final approval.