FF14 Update of the EndWalker Special Side

To hardly any of the contents of Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker are currently as many speculations, as is the island paradise. This is probably also because the information so far is more sparse. For example, it is known that this content should be directed to solo players and work without time pressure. For example, it will also be possible to breed animals or order fields. How exactly this should be implemented in the game, however, it is not yet known. More about the island paradise and what the senior producer and director imagines themselves, you will learn in our interview with Yoshi-P.

The island paradise on the final wobby special page

FFXIV: Endwalker Special Site Updates - New DoL & DoH Outfits & More
Unfortunately, the latest update of the special side to Endwalker brought here no new findings. Although the site has now been supplemented by the island paradise, the information continues to be very common:

Who does not dream of an idyllic island paradise, which offers relaxation away from the adventurous life? Flee together with loved companions on a lonely spot earth, which can be designed according to its own Façon!

So nothing else is still left to us than to practice us in patience. Already on the 06th of November the 67 . Letter from the producer to take place live, in which Naoki Yoshida is once again talking about endwalkers – maybe over the island paradise. FF14: Update of the EndWalker Special Side – The Island Paradise, Estonia and Ishgard (1) Source: Square Enix

The EndWalker Special Side – More News

With the latest update of the special side, however, some more points were added. So here is the new PVP system and also the journey between the data centers mentioned. These should originally appear in front of the final wobby, but were then moved to a later date. Estinia, which is available to us in the future as a companion in the Trust system, now also mentions.

The latest member of the federal waistband of the dawn may not be missing in the side by side system: Estonia and his lance are ready to make the dungeons of the main row series insecure!

Thanks to the special side, we now know that the new residential area in Ishgard will bear the name Empyream, or morning dew.

Endless helpers have worked on the fact that the sky city shines in new splendor. Now is finally your residential district ready for colonization: morning dew! The name of the magnificent district symbolizes a new morning for Ishgard, which is a new chapter of his long history faces opposite. As a homeland for adventures intended, she intends to mean those who led the bloody dragon war for a long-awaited end.

An overview of all known information on the fourth extension Endwalker for Final Fantasy 14 (Buy Now 25.98 €) can be found here.

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