FPS is a masterpiece of November

The upcoming November is also the month that focused on the games industry. But also it poured a lot of pride in being a masterpiece because confrontation of two Myeongga FPS to focus the attention of gamers unfold. Right: liver, Vanguard Call of Duty and Battlefield 2042 battle. Both works through beta testing the user receives feedback as to enter the finishing, it really is a masterpiece of the smiling couple who will be expected from the already paper.

The highly anticipated addition to the two works have participated en masse in November. Including a collection of great interest such as photorealistic graphics Forza Horizon 5 and football coach simulator Myeongga Football Manager 2022, entered the final stages of launch titles before representing each faction console. It s also serves also as each new edition of GTA Skyrim. This year the game is getting faster and bought a step towards the GOTY.

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Just Dance 2022 (November 4 l PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX / S, NS, Stadia l Korean support)

The dance-type rhythm game Just Dance will be released each year also released a new numbering year. This work has been added a new song of 40 songs. I have one minor compelling Changes Concurrently, nwatdeon obscured the face of dance coaches to the existing way and the songs are nopahjyeotdago portion faces appear differently. Maybe a game that all ages as well as a target makes sense we expect the domestic level control in a perfect world, this small. Screening is also sometimes do heurigi the essence of the music, I guess to look forward to come out well.

Lineage W (4 November l PS5, NS, PC, Mobile l Korean support)

Gimtaekjin representatives, made the heart of the last Lineage and has a new NCsoft, Lineage W mentioned before the official launch. I have a strong feeling of the game to capture the world market from the subject, seemed to land the key to how to overcome the domestic and overseas BM personality differences. Dwaeteumyeo overall improved graphics, also figured dissolved distinctive dark fantasy stories. NCsoft I really can succeed overseas pioneering and image makeover by Lineage W?

Call of Duty: Vanguard (November 5 l PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX / S, PC l Korean support)

The new Call of Duty will be officially launched Vanguard on November 5th. Now his World War II I d figured put the ongoing around the Special Forces who plays the story in, the massive scale hopping directly to the world s leading wire, including the European battlefield to the Pacific War and Africa and Eastern and Western Front boasts. The increasing realism in gameplay aspects that do dagger reflects the elements that express sidaesang, seems to be able to see the battlefield feels that the timing fierce again.

Forza Horizon 5 (November 9 l XBO, XSX / S, PC l Korean support)

Open-world racing game that Xbox represents the party, Forza series has naenwat a fifth title. The right Forza Horizon 5. Their work has a bar which focused the attention of many gamers with realistic graphics put the picture was taken. Background of this title is planned for Mexico, through the ever largest Open World Series utmost to show the charm of Mexico. In addition dwaetgo complaints of previous locations are numerous improvements, it is expected to comfortably essential soul of a new campaign mode with extensive additional elements such as the University of more than 500 vehicles racing gamers.

Football Manager 2022 (Nov. 10 l PC l Korean support)

Devil s Game will return without fail this year. Football coach Simulation Football Manager 2022 has launched a formal notice of 10 days. A somewhat unnatural seureowotdeon improve the economic effects and animation movements of players and I d have added a new poll utilizing way, rumors and intrigue surrounding the players and strategic elements, one more with feeling. Of course, the addition of the new system are welcome, but always was the buzzword of the Football Manager series over the balance of certain positions. This time, I m wondering gotten more sophisticated tactics became playable.

Jean Megami Tensei 5 (Nov. 11 l NS l Korean support)

Jean maniahcheung firm Megami Tensei series has been to introduce the fifth time slip formal title. Again haetneundeyo prior to the release notice of the various demons fought a demon Daily content, it is attractive demon dagger appeared haetdeut expected to raise the expectations of gamers. In this work, only a similar element as its predecessor, including finish effects and symbols Encounter how many stars visible property, and that the various attempts to improve the overall game castle. O Bethel Branch demons wait!

GTA Trilogy – having Feeney Executive Edition (Nov. 11 l PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX / S, NS, PC, mobile support Korean l)

If the GTA series will be released this coming masterpieces, GTA 3 released to mark the 20th anniversary Feeney Executive Edition. I remastered the GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas tied to hers hapbonpaek. Haetseupnidaman also buy and eat is constantly worried frown as the title, as examples of GTA 5, turned over the actual trailer and screenshots is quite flat dwaetdaneun a lot of improvement. Part of it is still there at the center of controversy, but you can feel the fragrance of its predecessor once again is a definite advantage.

Battle Ground: New State (Nov. 11 l Mobile l Korean support)

Battle Ground Mobile sequels and childish state of New Global Reservations 50 million has entered a pick last breath. Dwaeteumyeo the system highlighting the cooperation more than the previous series number, okay environment requiring a new play composition including additional electric vehicle driven by a bullet penetrating capabilities and battery. Here in this new state and will pass through the Mission and Survival modes, the story made the experience even more immersive baegeu world and story. If you look at this but seemed more similar to the previous state of New, 11 days to provide a whole new way to play a pleasure.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition (Nov. 11 l PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX / S, PC l Korean support)

Bethesda has released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Skyrim place in the anniversary edition. I d say that the original configuration remastered version has more than 500 recreational clubs included in the content, Skyrim has also co-exist with high negative attention to the gravity mode through other sites such as the nexus of all Creation Club overwhelming. The flat course will be whether the console user is overwhelming, though the existing market and the special edition Anniversary Edition are separated from important than the PC. PS5 with the Xbox series supports X / S upgrades.

Battlefield 2042 (Nov. 19 l PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX / S, PC l Korean support)

EA has heard out the knife to make up for the slump in Battlefield 5. The new Battlefield series, 2042 are ahead of this month sortie. Coming short of expectations while increasing the fan actively promote the movie, the main set also featured a massive jaw and wingsuit flying weather events such factors apart from its predecessor to create stand out on the battlefield. In addition, the system bottles, instead it s a feature sikyeotdaneun fought the specialist can perform a wider variety of roles in a large battlefield. In many ways, the gwichu doeneungunyo attention if I can take much captured the hearts of gamers as much as a new attempt.

Pocket Monsters Diamond & Brilliant Pearl Shining (Nov. 19 l NS l Korean support)

Cheongwansan This seems to be able to once again travel to the towering Shin fat. Four generations because it Dialga Pokemon DP & Pearl hunger remake, Brilliant Diamond and Pearl Shining was released in November. Unlike undergo a series that is getting angry character due diligence, this remake has returned to two assholes character. But do diverge hobulho is part of the overall improved graphics and original works dwaetdago Kami are several factors that differentiate, the preferred way to explore a series of advanced Shin local fans seem to be enough motivation.