A new filter revolutioniza tiktok when imitating the challenge green light red light of squid game

Squid Game (Korean Original Title: 오징어 게임 Ojingeo Game, German, Inkfish game ) is a South Korean dramaeria implemented by the production company Siren Pictures for Netflix. The series was published on 17 September 2021 worldwide on Netflix.Vier weeks after publication, the series of about 111 million Netflix accounts had been retrieved. This was the most successful Netflix series start to date. The previous record holder was the first season of Bridgeron with 82 million invokes after four weeks.

It is not the first time the squid game is made viral in Tiktok, possibly one of the first occasions in which the popular Netflix Korean Series be made famous in the Platform out by a viral challenge.

Red Light Green Light Scene - Squid Game

The challenge consisted of imitating the second of the children s players faced by the characters of the squid, in which they had to cut a Dalgona candy following the shape of a carved figure in it. Many people failed in their attempt, because it was a really difficult test.

Now Tiktok viralizes the series thanks to a new filter that has recently added on the platform, and in which it is imitated that has become one of the greatest icons of the squid game: the game of light Green, red light, the first test that should try to overcome its 456 initial participants.

We leave you with two of the videos that have become more viral using Tiktok filter of Squid game :


Im cryyyyiiiing fyp squidgame squidgamenetflix funny trend

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♬ Original Sound – Dylan Armenters

The Spanish equivalent of Green Light, Red Light would be the English hiding place, a children s game in which you have to run towards the person who is against the wall to get as soon as possible, but having to stop you As soon as it turns towards you.

The Tiktok filter proposes us to make this mini-game using the mouth, so we would have to be talking to move up to the doll while it does not turn. Doll in this case, because the filter replaces the famous giant doll by a pretty diabolical toy.

Instagram also incorporated a similar filter, although in this case maintaining the iconography of the squid game and making us use my eyes to advance instead of the mouth. Have you have the opportunity to prove one of these two filters?