VR Cybershoes sprint to victory over Kickstarter

VR technology is a constant expansion domain, but a domain that has not experienced a lot of development is, well, walking. Listen to us. You can move in VR, of course, but you always risk falling on something, or worse, someone. Blush is always on the table. The multiplayer consists of trying not to hit. Why did not anyone try to solve this problem? The answer is that someone did it. Cybershoes are a VR accessory designed to follow the movement of your feet, so that you can do all kinds of crazy things while sitting safely on a chair. These shoes may look like a little more embarrassing brother of fangs, but you can not dispute the results.

Cybershoes for Oculus Quest - coming to Indiegogo

More than 3000 pairs of Cybershoes have been shipped to be used with SteamVR wired headsets, and now the team seeks to diversify in the manufacture of shoes for Oculus Quest. At the time of writing these lines, the Kickstarter lifted nearly twice the necessary funds, so there is certainly a request. The original design was honored earlier this year during these Innovation Awards. We look forward to what will come out of this kickstarter. Cybershoes for Quest will connect wirelessly via the Cyquest Bluetooth receiver. Then you can easily move in the digital plan. The plan is to provide native integration in at least six titles, including OnWard, Rec Room, VR Cat, although other titles have been tested and work well with Cybershoes.

Cybershoes for Quest will include:

Non attached solution – Experience the locomotion without fasteners using the natural movement of your feet.
Conviviality and accessibility – Most VR motion accessories are extremely expensive, have enormous space and power requirements and require professional installation and configuration. And if you already have original cybershoes, simply take a Cyquest module to upgrade for quest.
Easy installation – with natively integrated games, like Arizona Sunshine in partnership with Vertigo Games, the configuration is as simple as attaching cybershoes, start the headphones and select the option of locomotion cybershoes. Game.
Help combat transportation with a natural movement – Cybershoes translates the natural movement of players feet in locomotion in the game to solve the problem of transportation evil while increasing immersion, activity and the pleasure. This also allows the brain to perceive that one is standing, and not sitting, during the exploration of virtual worlds.
Active and fitness game – Cybershoes offer a low-stress and low-impact experience with the benefits of exercise while having fun.
SteamVR – compatibility While the Cyquent wireless Bluetooth module is required for Quest, Cybershoes compatibility will work with any SteamVR (via Oculus Link) application that supports touchpads, motion controllers and Running mats.
Other uses Beyond the game – Use Cybershoes for training and planning of industrial facilities, physical rehabilitation programs for the elderly, architecture and construction insights, and much more.
Accurate directional follow-up – The player s vision is independent of the Cybershoes walk direction, which allows a complete observation of their environment while they walk, fall or bend to pick up items with its very precise movement followers. Quest s new wireless version keeps the same accuracy and stability as the PC version, offering players the best gaming experience.

Well, it seems very good! Any virtual reality player should try. Even if they look a little crazy.

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