PATH OF EXILE Scourge expansion available for free

The Path of Exile: Scourge Expansion is now available for free and contains fearing demons, threatening danger, new items and powerful opportunities to develop your characters.


RIP - What ACTUALLY happened | SSFHC Path of Exile: Scourge 3.16
If you arrive in Wraeclast, a muted figure appears from the nothing that asks you for help. It asks you to install a rusty device in your body, which is known as the bloodthyte. If your enemies kills, the crucible fills with your blood. When a particular threshold is reached, players can activate the bloodthlift, which temporarily moves them into a parallel reality in which a kind of apocalyptic event takes place.

Lays objects in the bloodthlow to make the corruption usable. As soon as you have absorbed enough corruption, you can convert items to get mighty upgrades. But be warned: The corruption gives your objects unpredictably a pre- and one disadvantage.

Scourge removal

With the introduction of the scourge extension, there are plenty of new skills with which you can decimate the greedy hordes. And if you like to play with your friends, six special skills have been added that enable you to connect you and help each other.


The Skill Tree of Path of Exile got a new face in Scourge. Everything will still feel familiar, but now you have even more opportunities to create cool new characters with passive skill championships. Will the best weapons fighter in Wraeclast or masters the Arcane Arts – you have the choice and the possibilities are endless.

Improved guilds

To kill demons and creating fantastic characters is hard work, so a lot of improvements were made to the guilds. Now you can with your troupe in your own guild pads depend and summarize in the newly added guild versions of the popular hiding place your items.

In the scourge extension, there is much more to discover, such as improved loot stores and new endgame content.