Bugsnax Is Obtaining A Supersized Development Following Year

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The charming and bizarre Bugsnax is obtaining a big free expansion. The Island of Bigsnax takes players to a brand-new place brimming with recently discovered, supersized animals.

The development follows the primary staff of Grumpuses to a hidden island occupied by primitive Bugsnax. These yummy creatures are enormous, providing players a jumbo-sized brand-new challenge in regards to catching them. If collecting a variety of brand-new Bugsnax had not been sufficient, you can now put hats on them to somehow make them much more charming. Back in the area, the gamer s unfinished hut has ultimately been finished, which you can embellish with a catalog of furniture, wallpaper, and other things. Take an appearance at the trailer for a look of the snax to come.

The Island of Bugsnax launches in very early 2022, and also you ll require to possess a base copy of Bugsnax to play it.