Oliver Glasner recognizes great drawback at Eintracht Frankfurt

Already leaders Sebastian Rode had found clear words. We did not accept the fight as we had made it, said the midfielder after kick-off at Dazn . You see Bundesliga ball of Bochum against a harmless harmony.

An assessment that his coach shared with a view of the statistics for deserved defeat in the newcomer quite well. We have 40 percent won two-fighting, then it s not enough, he made it clear. The number says a lot, the Austrians continued. You have to enforce that you have overbursement situations.

Place reference for Rexhbecaj? The video reeler could have looked at it

At the attitude of his team, it did not exist. The boys have tried everything, found Glasner. We had two injury-related changes in the first half, which confessed us in our possibilities. In particular, the Goncalo Paciencia and Kristijan Jakic, whom Glasner had no more accurate information, opened, but at least explained about the nature of the injuries: Paciencia feels the thigh at the back, Jakic has got a blow. He did not want to push the defeat on the personnel bad luck: That would be too easy now, we do not have to excuse us.

The same applies to a scene in the first passage, in which Bochum Elvis Rexhbecaj had slightly replied to Rafael Borré. The video reeler could have looked at it and the referee then can decide, but Glasner said, but it would be too cheap to reduce that. I do not want to call for a red card for an opposing player.

I hope everyone has noticed what s going on in the Bundesliga.

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Sebastian Rode

Rather problematic was that the exact same starting eleven as at 3: 1 about Piraeus in the Europa League three days later not even approximately approaching the performance of Thursday night. It s important, even if you have a highlight game on Thursday, that you are ready on Sunday, analyzed Glasner – and Rode was even more clearly: In the field you have to implement it. Here is full hut, a strength-fuest Game, you can not always get to the square. This is our big problem, we have to park, just in the Bundesliga. I hope that now everyone has noticed what s going on in the Bundesliga and how to play football Not like on Sunday night not.