GTA San Andreas remastered hits Xbox Game Hand down day one

The remastered version of GTA: San Andreas is heading to Xbox Game Pass alongside the release of the GTA Trilogy.

GTA The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition - Release Date, Screenshots & Comparisons

In a message validating the GTA Trilogy release date , Rockstar additionally exposed that gamers will additionally be able to experience Grand Burglary Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Version with Xbox Game Pass beginning November 11 through a brand-new newswire message . That s the exact same day as digital versions of the trilogy will go down, although physical versions will certainly introduce a little later, on December 7, the same day when the GTA 3 remaster will be heading to PS Now.

That s excellent news for those uncertain regarding how the remastered video games will certainly stand up after greater than two decades, as subscribers to either of those services will have the ability to grab a minimum of one third of the trilogy at no extra cost.

That said, they re currently looking respectable – the GTA Trilogy trailer provides a peek at some seriously scrubbed-up visuals, as well as Superstar says there s a entirely restored illumination system as well as boosted darkness and also weather condition, updated personality and also car models, and higher-resolution textures throughout much of the world. That s all completed with much better draw ranges as well as new vegetation, so even if the remasters aren t specifically GTA 6, they re still a significant enhancement on the originals.

Gameplay-wise, there are also control upgrades, upgraded mini-maps that let players establish waypoints to their destinations, as well as also gyro aiming and touch-screen electronic camera controls on the Nintendo Change version.