Warhammer 3 Chaos and eternal change The realm of Tzeentech in the trailer

«Total Eclipse of the Heart» (in Spanish: «Total Eclipse of the Heart») is a Power Balllad written and produced by Jim Steinman and engraved by the singer Welsh Bonnie Tyler for his fifth Studio Album FASTER THAN The Speed of Night (1983 ). The song has been reversed many times; The most famous of them by Michael Kunze Theater Libestist for Musical Tanz der Vampire as Total Finsternis .

The chaos leaves it in the third part of Total: Warhammer neatly crash! In the latest video, we are allowed to throw a first look at the clenched force of the mighty chaos god Tzeentech. He is the great wizard of the chaos gods, the deity of magic and controllers of the variable time stream. He is also known under the name converter of the ways , which directs the fate of the universe.

The power of TZEENTCH

Although the Lord of Change is a master of intrigue games and manipulation, Tzentech pursues a certain goal with his plans. Rather, he delights to influence the fate of mortals out of the hidden and plunge them into misfortune. Everywhere, where his agents and servants appear, they pound chaos and thus produce eternal change.

The Champions of Tzeentech are masters of magic and riding on mutant horses, screeching flow or magical slices; They follow Groteske horror and fire demons. The demons of Tzeentch are subject to constant change and changing their shape on the battlefield, which makes them to dangerous opponents.

Cairos, the fate gauge

However, the biggest danger is from the big demons of Tzeentech. In the video we see the legendary vogelemon Kairos, who presents as a herald of Tzeentech and leads the demonic army of the chaos. In the realm of Tzeentech, Cairos, who bears the title fateful vow, is right of his Lord and acts as his personal oracle. Again and again one of his heads begins to tell things about the future, while the other head is spiked the story with all sorts of lies. Sometimes, Cairos also fights for Tzentech on the battlefield. After all, the vogelemon as a ruler of change is a powerful magician and because of his knowledge of the future as good as invincible.

The release date of Total was: Warhammer 3 (Buy Now 54.99 €) There are no a hard information yet. Only recently, the developers of TWW3 Via Twitter announced that Move the release from 2021 to 2022 . If you want to inform yourself about the already known innovations of Warhammer 3, which looks past the following special:

Chaos vs. kislev! The first survival fight in Total was: Warhammer 3

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