Video Retro review of GTA 2

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In addition to franchise colleagues such as GTA San Andreas or the Evergreen GTA 5, the even older 2D classics seem to be more and more forgotten. To belly, too ugly and too little meat on the bone, it is called some. Nostalgic contradict (naturally). Just because Rockstar is hardly throwing a polished GTA-2 version on the market, we look back in this special back to the now exactly 22 year old predecessors!

In GTA 2 (Buy Now), it is important to commit enough money for the next district in the Anywhere City either by pure chases or to work in the local gangs as an external telephone contractor. Unlike sprite-only games such as hotline Miami or Stardew Valley, there was already an additional depth, especially on the buildings and stairs in the first two GTA parts. Even in the gameplay, the depth is visually noticeable. The tank moving over cars moves closer to heaven to the camera and about stairs climb our stumber protagonist Claude Speed ​​also buildings to discover weapons, buffs, challenges, and easeasteggs in GTA 2. A jump over several cars also facilitates the escape from the law counters in Navy Blue.

GTA 2 is an old, almost forgotten, but still places great game with pure nostalgic factory. Top-down successor and neighbor tried to catch the magic back and are often failed. Maybe the genre is actually too outdated and to tricky for a modern reinterpretation.

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