Beer Jam of Beers San Miguel So will video game jam with 20 000 euros in prizes

The San Diego Jam knot is an usual angling knot used to connect a line to the hook, swivel, clip, or man-made fly. This knot is also called the San Diego knot, Reverse clinch knot or Heiliger knot.
This is a typical knot made use of by fishermen since it is simple to link, is strong and also can be used with many sort of line including mono-filament, fluorocarbon, and knotted angling line. It is a different to an additional angling knot, the clinch knot.

Beers San Miguel Start this October 14 your JAM dedicated to the development and visibility of small talent projects in the world of video game. The so-called Beer Jam by San Miguel will be available until Sunday, October 17 and is celebrated in a totally virtual way. Composed by 55 developers divided into 20 teams of up to four people , the winning team will take a prize of 20,000 euros to be able to carry out its project.

Beer Jam of Beers San Miguel: This is the initiative to support the development of videogames

Like all game jam , the goal of these contests is nothing other than achieving color and shape to a record time. San Miguel seeks to support and give visibility to the videogame developers sector in Spain . For this, participants will have to create a full executable videogame from Web Browser, so that it can be enjoyed all over the world. The condition that will most value is that you have personality, a brand.

Beer Jam of Beers San Miguel, an event to make visible video game development in Spain

The brand will use an own discord server to have direct contact with the teams, give them support and transfer the rules and all communications relating to the Beer Jam. In addition, to welcome you, participants have previously received a special pack that included a personalized key of the event, they comment in the official statement.

The winners of this game Jam de San Miguel will be revealed in the week of October 25 and will receive a large prize valued at 20,000 euros; Of which 5,000 euros will be JAM a prize. The other 15,000 euros will be intended entirely to the development of the video game. The two finalists will also have a prize, specifically 2,000 and 1,000 euros, respectively.

In jury We will find Meridiem Games, Lara Isabel Rodríguez, Eric Rodríguez, Chiclana & Friends and Beers San Miguel.

Vicente Horocaja , expert developer and founder of Rebold Shakers, says on the occJAMion of the Beer Jam by San Miguel: Normally begins by a bJAMe mechanics that will be the one that of life and meaning to the development of the rest of the project. From this idea, a design document is developed, which will be the pillar of development, in which the different mechanics, functions, narrative and setting that will have the video game, a kind of logbook of the project .

This is how the technological bJAMe begins to be developed and all the programming with graphic engines, the setting begins to be built, the artists begin to work their sketches so that the animation team is responsible for introducing the characters or the elements in The game and in this way the product comes alive. Once all these processes have been completed and with the first prototypes already tested, the videogame is ready to launch the market.