Rights of gays Vettel wishes on the formula 1

Ex-world champion Sebastian Vettel (34) wishes from Formula 1 more use for the rights of homosexuals. We all agree that it is just fair to treat all people right away. In certain countries, that s not the case. But it takes more than just words, as it needs to do, said the Aston-Martin pilot in An interview with the new Osnabrücker Zeitung .

Our sport could exercise great pressure and help to extend fairness on earth, he led out. This year, Formula 1 is for the first time in Saudi Arabia Station. There, homosexuality is socially tabooized and punished with prison or even the death penalty. Also in Hungary, Vettel and Co., there, there was a controversial law on the restriction of information on homo and transsexuality.

There are situations, in which the responsible questions have to ask if they have a morality. Maybe you have to say a big deal no, Vettel said. It is not right to condemn people or punish, just because a man loves a man or a woman a woman. Every form of separation is wrong. We are much richer because we are so different.

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You face we would all be the same. We would not be progressing, said Vettel, We can compare this with the Formula 1: If all cars sew the same, it would be boring. We would be boring. We would be boring. We would be boring progress on the car. We too are different. We should celebrate these differences, instead of being feared.