Forza Horizon 5 will be accessible for beginners We want to convert players into cars

After seeing trailers and videos with Forza Horizon 5 Gameplay, the game can look like a delivery dedicated to the veterans of the franchise. However, Mike Brown , creative director of the title, shared a completely different opinion, in a recent interview conducted by the 3D game team.

We will see many accessibilities within this delivery. What would you say to the new players who want to try the title, but fear that it is too complicated for them? It was what we asked Brown, and he replied that We will see many accessibility within this delivery.

I think people who are not interested in playing Forza Horizon 5, are those that are not auto people and consider it intimidating, Brown said. If the game is only about cars, they feel that they probably will not enjoy it.

Gene Bowen Brown's interview for the Veterans History Project at Atlanta History Center

Brown continued, saying that once these people try the title, they will realize that Forza is not just an auto title, but rather, a game of adventure where you control a car. One of our philosophies with all the saga, is to convert players into car lovers, and cars lovers in players.

We want to convert players into cars, and cars lovers in players. Mike Brown Following this philosophy, Brown mentioned that a car lover can start playing forza, and end up as a passionate follower of the saga, joining the Xbox family in the process. For the opposite case, Brown reiterated the Accessibility In this new delivery, and according to him, it could be adequate for people from Sagas as Assassin s Creed and Grand Theft Auto.

During the same interview, Brown also commented on the game map, and told us how some changes were needed, to improve the general design in the final product.