Paradise W is finalized on November 4th to launch the existing role ID beforehand

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Ncsoft (30) days for the paradise series of new Heaven W for the second display, announced that the game will be launched on November 4.

Paradise W has been developed for four years, and the game contains all the essence of heaven: fighting, blood alliance, sacrifice, reputation, and production teams are more hosted Development of the last Paradise mood , it is a collection of years. The Paradise series of great achievements.

Paradise W is the main Dark Fantasy style, the game art picture is more realistic, dark, with paradise background and story. There is currently four professions from the Wang family, the knight, Master and the fairy.

This secondary display will focus on the player s question. For example, clarifying Paradise W is not inherited in TL project, and the global attacking war is expected to be divided into the first district (including Taiwan , South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia) and the second district (North America, South America, Europe) Service, solve the problem of time difference.

Paradise W is expected to be launched in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia on November 4 this year, and will only expand to the Americas and Europe.

Removed an appointment activity before recently, today is the player s confession, it is also open at 10 o clock in the morning. It should be noted that there is only one role name in the world and cannot be repeated. So if there is a meaningful name you want to use, you have to grab the opportunity to seize the character name.

The name of the completion is needed to be used in the pre-selected world in the market. If you don t have created within 30 days of the game, you will lose priority using the role name. For more information, readers can come to Paradise W official website announcement confirmation