Cookie Clicker How to get golden cookies and what effects they have

Cookie Clicker is an incremental game developed by French developer Julien Orteil Thiennot in 2013. The customer initially clicks a big cookie on the screen, gaining a single cookie per click. They can after that invest their earned cookies upon purchasing properties such as cursors and various other buildings that immediately create cookies. Upgrades are additionally available and also can improve the efficiency of clicks and buildings, amongst numerous other technicians that enable the customer to earn cookies in different means. Though the video game has no finishing, it has hundreds of achievements, and customers may aim to get to turning point numbers of cookies.
The game has a specialized fanbase. Though the initial variation was coded in one night, Cookie Clicker is routinely updated. It has been extensively called habit forming, and it has actually been noted that the game almost does not need a human to play it.

Despite taking many years available for browsers, the cookie clicker phenomenon has recently arrived at Steam to generate addiction to more players with the simple task of clicking on a cookie to generate more cookies and thus have an empire of millions of them. One way to get more is still with the help of the golden cookies , so in this guide we will explain how to obtain them and what effects they have.

How to get the golden cookies

As your own name suggests, the golden cookies are a type of special cookie with a very bright and easy-to-identify color . You just have to look at the image that heads these lines so you can know how to recognize them just see them on the screen.

The appearance of each of them is completely random and can go out anywhere on the screen . At the time of generating it will have a very small size and little by little it will grow before reducing and fading. You will have exactly 13 seconds to press on it and activate its effect that will temporarily increase your cookie production.

As the game can be left in the background while cookies are generated, you do not need to be a pending screen constantly, but that implies that we do not know about the appearance of a golden cookie. Luckily, that problem can be solved with one of the prestigious improvements available in the game called Golden Cookie Alert Sound , since one of them a sound so we can listen to when they appear and so do not let escape none.

What effects do gold cookies have

By pressing a golden cookie will automatically activate one of the five different effects with which they count. Each of them lasts a certain amount of time that can be enhanced with the normal improvements and the prestigious improvements that are unlocked little by little.

Also, the number of cookies they provide will be increased depending on these improvements and the types of buildings that we will acquire on the fly. In short, this is what you can touch you:





Initial duration

— | — | —



Multiply X7 cookies produced.


77 seconds

Click Frenzy.


Multiply X777 cookies produced by each click.


13 seconds

Building Special


Choose randomly one of the types of buildings that has been purchased to increase cookies produced depending on the number of units of that building.


30 seconds

Cookie Chain.


Create a chain of golden cookies, up to a maximum of seven, which is multiplying x10 the amount of cookies that delivery. If you do not press on time in a cookie, the chain will be broken and the effect will be canceled instantly.


3 seconds for each cookie

Cookie Storm.


A wave of golden cookies will begin to appear on the screen. For each one that is pressing will deliver a certain number of cookies.


7 seconds

Dragon Harvest.


Multiply X15 cookies produced.


60 seconds



Multiply X1.111 cookies produced by each click.


10 seconds

The last two effects will only appear if Krumblor has been unlocked, a dragon that is obtained with prestigious improvements. On the other hand, there is an additional effect and the most common of all called Lucky! That it will simply deliver a sum of 15% of the cookies that you have stored in That moment.

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