The Battlefield 2042 Beta requires Xbox LIVE subscription but not to PS Plus Why

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The decisions of First Expiration and Temporary Exclusivities leaves us, sometimes, somewhat out of the game. Yesterday the dates of the Battlefield 2042 Beta were announced and there is a detail that has caught our attention. If you want to play in PlayStation, you can do it without needing to be subscribed to PS Plus , although the content is multiplayer. Instead, to play on Xbox, you will need an active subscription from Xbox Live Gold .

It is curious because a few months ago, Microsoft changed its policy and allows to play titles free-to-play with online content without needing to be subscribed to the service. But if we take an eye on the official website of Battlefield 2042, they specify that to play the beta open in October, we will have to give us high.

The FAQ of questions and answers of the aforementioned official web makes it clear: Battlefield s open beta 2042 is available to play on PC and in consoles. Keep in mind that PlayStation Plus is not necessary to participate in the open beta. But If you play on Xbox, you must have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold .

So far the explanations of the study, which does not give reasons about it. We will see if any of the parties specifies the reasons, which could well be that Battlefield 2042 is not a free-to-play as such and that is why it is exempt from Microsoft s policy. It is the only coherent explanation, but it is not yet official. So we will have to wait to know the reasons for this policy, if they are offered.

What we do know is that the launch date of Battlefield 2042 is next November 19.