NBA News missing Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins at home games Concern about game rights non vaccinated NBA

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Several non-vaccinated NBA stars could possibly be eligible in individual arenines. According to matching media reports, this could apply to Andrew Wiggins from the Golden State Warriors and Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets.

As ESPN and the SAN Francisco Chronicle report, Wiggins has so far decided against a vaccine against the coronavirus. Last season, the 26-year-old had emphasized to only vaccinate if he would be forced.

However, his vaccination status could cause it to be available in home games. The city of San Francisco requires proof of covid-19 vaccination to participate in indoor events. At the moment he is apparently limited to individual workouts.

Similar rules are currently valid in New York City. There it prohibits the local orders to participate in the players of Nets and Knicks, training or playing in halls, without a detection of at least one dose of a COVID 19 vaccine, unless they have a medical or religious exceptional certificate.

According to information of Yaron Weitzman of fox Sports , Kyrie Irving has not yet received a vaccine against the coronavirus. His status for home games is still open. According to a report by The athletic , around 90 percent of all NBA players are currently completely vaccinated.

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In the case of Wiggins, the NBA could obviously grant a religious exception certificate to the Warriors-Forward. However, this would have to be approved by the city of San Francisco, so that Wiggins really may be in the hall. In the coming week the training camp starts, on 19 October begins for the Warriors the new season.