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Guanku Puzzle Dramation Mobile Tour Polar Paradise (Arcttopia) is officially launched, come to rescue the Arctic Bear who is full of ice crisis!

Polar Paradise is developed from the Desert Paradise , Live Travel Man , and the development of the entropy Gamtropy, the climate change is the Paradise main body, combined with the brain-shaped Paradiseplay to bring the Arctic bears Survity.

The Paradise changed 150 levels in 10 maps, started with animation, and the sea ice was ablated because of the sun irradiated, so that the Arctic bear mother was forced to separate with the baby. In order to help them reunite, players lead the Arctic bear mother back to the Arctic Bear Bear.

The overall Paradiseplay is quite simple, and the player only needs to draw a route according to the departure position of the Arctic Bear Mother, and slide the ice on the left and right to go to the direction. However, pay special attention to the number of movements per flop-free, if you run more than the restricted distance, the Polar bear mother is transferred to the sea.

Players can judge the number of movements according to the floating ice on the foot, and the small fragments around it. For example, the ponchies of the Polar bear mother can make players move 4 times (including jumping to another piece of ice). If it is really too lazy, you will slowly calculate it, you can click the prompt option in the upper left corner, and the number of floes will be displayed directly on the screen. The rest is like the direction of travel of the killer whale will also tell the player.

It is slightly challenging, although the goal of each level will make the Polar bear mother meet with the baby, but the journey will encounter two new companions in the seagull, and will appear in many levels. If there is a map of seals and seagulls, the player must jump on the floes on the companion to say hello to them, in order to collect the clip badges with similar stars, unlock the back level. This allows the route to arrange a lot of complications, so that the players should spend more time to brainquame, can be full of each level badge.

However, overall, Polar Paradise is difficult to pay for it, it is just right, carefully thinking or going smoothly. With cute animals, scene paintings will make people willing to look at it, sometimes because of this time. Whether it is a player who is not a wisdom puzzle, it is quite suitable for leisure time to pick up the mobile phone slightly moving brain.

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