Making Diablo 2 Resurrected was a challenge People do not play or connect in the same way

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Diablo 2 Resurrected has finally arrived, and the 3D game team had the opportunity to interview the design director of this expected remasterization, Robert Gallerani . We talked with him about the process of Development of the title, and he told us how difficult it was to bring back a video game extremely dear by the community of him.

Our approach was making it more accessible, but not easier. Robert Gallerani We asked about the challenges that the team faced, and the plans to make it more attractive towards the new generations of players. Gallerani replied, that the original was great, and the team wanted to preserve its gameplay as best as possible.

We knew that he has been present for 20 years, and people keep playing, Galleran said. But at that time, the world has advanced and people no longer play or connect online in the same way, players use consoles now, and are accustomed to controls.

Our approach was to make it more accessible , but not easier, Gallerani continued. Today, games have many tutorials to facilitate the experience, we did not want to do that with devil, because the game would no longer be the game .

Changes such as the comparison of weapons and other objects, greater ease to invite your friends online, and above all, a shared inventory Among all the characters in your account, were some examples of accessibility that Galleran s mentioned us.

Scary Teacher 3D VS Scary Stranger 3D Vs Scary Robber -Miss T VS New Mr Grumpy VS Robbers (Android)

Fidelity of Diablo 2 resurrected with the original, was always in the minds of the developers. That is why we do not have local multiplayer in this delivery.