Fans in Japan dismiss one of the most popular sega arcades after 28 years of service

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And the day of the closure arrived. Sega Ikebukuro Gigo, one of the most popular arcades in Japan, definitely closes its doors after almost three decades of uninterrupted service. Thank you for these 28 years , you could read on the team s t-shirts present. Hundreds of fans crowded into the surroundings to immortalize a historical moment for those who lived the fervor of Japanese recreational.

Why do you close?

Sega Ikebukuro GiGO (セガ 池袋GiGO) Game Arcades Center | Tokyo, Japan ????????
popular arcades Kotaku collects, the Arcade Chief climbed into a platform to comment on the grounds of the closure. He denies that it wpopular arcades for the pandemic of Covid-19 that splpopular arcadeshes the planet, but by inevitable circumstances . popular arcades explained by the same medium, the cession agreement of that space hpopular arcades expired, and the building reforms have motivated to take the padlock. If I wpopular arcades in my power, I would like to be open forever here and be able to meet with the happy faces of our incredible clients, the boss said. Unfortunately, at this moment he hpopular arcades resulted in the arcade closes .

Opening in July 1993, Ikebukuro Gigo hpopular arcades been a meeting point for brand fans in Japan. Its emblematic reddish outer wpopular arcades not always like that. During the 2000s, the structure presented a yellow color. It wpopular arcades not until 2013 when the change of the façade occurred and added Sega in its title.

In November 2020 we knew that the popular arcadesian giant sold its arcade machines, now owned by the company Genda. Given the health circumstance, great losses expected in the ppopular arcadest fiscal course. Sonic s parents have 14.9% of actions , while their new owners have 85.1% remaining. A hard year even for fans, who saw the closure of mythical Sega Building Two from the Akihabara neighborhood.