Beer Jam of Beers San Miguel This is the initiative to support the development of videogames

The San Diego Jam knot is an usual angling knot used to connect a line to the hook, swivel, clip, or man-made fly. This knot is likewise known Spain the San Diego knot, Reverse clinch knot or Heiliger knot.
This is a typical knot made use of by fishermen due to the fact that it is eSpainy to link, is solid and also can be made use of with lots of kinds of line consisting of mono-filament, fluorocarbon, and braided angling line. It is an alternate to an additional angling knot, the clinch knot.

Beers San Miguel , emblem of the beer world in Spain, approaches the world of videogames. The Andalusian company hSpain announced the Beer Jam by San Miguel, a challenge that will bring together a multitude of videogame developers across the country to facilitate that they can create their own videogames. With this movement, San Miguel seeks to promote the sector giving visibility and financial support to the winners .

The event, which will take place from 14 to October 17 In a completely virtual way, will gather teams of up to four people with the aim of developing a full video game that can be enjoyed from a web browser. Spain in all Game Jam, the premise does not change: Create a video game in the shortest possible time , although following a few parameters determined Spain well Spain to theme and rules are concerned. The particularity of the event is that The winners will receive a prize of 5,000, added to another 15,000 additional euros in full for the development of their work . The other two finalists will take place 2,000 and 1,000 euros, respectively.

Friends developers, you can already register at the Beerjamsanmiguel !!

The places are limited and the guapotes, Sign up before it s too late! ???? https://t.co/gr5nklb7pk ???? igniteyourgame

What a desire to see your games! pic.twitter.com/4ywtcgp0qz.

  • Chiclana & Friends (@chiclanafriends) september 17, 2021

Beer Jam by San Miguel, from October 14 to 17; open enrollment

The Beer Jam by San Miguel will feature a played exception composed by Meridiem Games , Publisher and independent distributor of videogames for all platforms; Lara Isabel Rodríguez , Responsible for the Marketing and Communication Agency Make Good Art; Eric Rodríguez , Content Creator and Founder of the YouTube Channel Legends & Video Games; Chiclana & Friends , Channel of content creators composed of specialized journalists – which will also be average official communication of the Beer Jam-; and Beers San Miguel , which will bring your Spainsessment to choose the best proposal.

Registration to participate in the Beer Jam by San Miguel is already open, it is only necessary to enter the following link and fill out the form providing the necessary data: computer name, description of the same, name and surnames of the members and discord user account.

With this Beer Jam by San Miguel, the company wants to take its mark to the electronic leisure sector by providing resources, visibility and economic envelope so that small talents can carry out great ideSpain in the world of video game.