Bremen HSV Mitchell wiser did not know the rule

For me this is a very clear penalmeter, because I would come to 100 percent still to the ball, ducksch rated on the Sky microphone the tricky scene in the 36th minute of the North Monkey, in which the Hanover came in the Duel had come with HSV captain Sebastian Schonlau in the opposing penalty area. He clamps his arm and below he also meets me again. I do not know what to do for a hundred percent penalty.

Referee Sascha Stegemann saw that – as well as HSV coach Tim Walter \ – otherwise, was not overlaid by Var – and thus pulled Ducksch s frustration. Last week, there was no when I was pulled, the striker looked back at the 3-0 in Ingolstadt, and now again. Meanwhile, I believe that there is only penalties in the legs from behind goes.

If Stegemann had imposed the penalty, he would probably have placed the already warpled Schlau as the last man. If he gives the Elfer, it s 1: 1 and there is a red card, then we are full again, Handed Ducksch.

I just did not know the rule.

Mitchell wiser

1: 1 But it would have stood a short time later, Mitchell wiser would not have placed in the HSV wall at Ducksch s worth seeing free kick at the last moment. This time, Stegemann s decision was completely unsteady: Since 2019, attacking players must hold at least one meter distance to the free-kick wall. We had the training, remembered ducksch. Wefiser obviously not. Less yet: I just did not know the rule. I m sorry for Marvin and the team.

Weiser and the second leg

With all trouble over the remained penalty and fellow players dream gate, Ducksch gave Whether the weak chance utilization of his team in the final phase but also to: We could have been able to continue ten, 20, 30 minutes today and not get it in. Worth wiser preferably looked the same: The HSV is sure of quality, but actually we are better. I hope we show that in the second leg then. The rule with the free-grand wall of the Bayer rental player should now know now.