These will be the improvements of Horizon Forbidden West on PS5

I am sure that we all craved for playing Horizon Forbidden West A end of this year, but unfortunately, their developers delayed it until February 2022. We have no doubt that guerrilla Games will do a great job with The game, and if you are thinking about acquiring the version of PlayStation 5 , then here we explain everything you can expect from it at a technical level.

Through a new PlayStation publication, we were made known that Horizon Forbidden West, like all the titles first-party of Sony , will make use of all the functionalities of both ps5 Like the dualsense .

To begin with, it was explained that thanks to the SSD of the console, the loading times within the game will be practically nonexistent, thus allowing an extremely fluid experience and with very few interruptions. Similarly, there will be different visual options that will allow the game to run at 4K to 30FPS or 60FPS in Dynamic 4K.

DualSense will also play an important role in the game experience, since Horizon Forbbiden West will take advantage of adaptable triggers and haptic control feedback. Of course, 3D audio will not be set aside and you can listen with sharpness all the sounds of the environment.

Horizon Forbidden West will come to PS5 and PS4 February 18, 2022.