The mythical Saga Driver does not take out new games for now but yes a series of television for Binge

We have not received a new delivery of the Saga Driver in the world of videogames. The latter were driver: San Francisco and Driver: Renegade and we assume that the license had been completely buried. Surely you will remember that it became fashionable especially at PSX era, where there was a lot of fever with its arcade driving proposal, which over the years became Sandbox.

Now, surprisingly, ubisoft has announced by means of its producer that will take the Saga Driver to television through a series live-action that can be seen exclusively at binge . Do not you know what it is? It is a streaming platform dedicated to offering only videogame content, as we already have.

Our mission in Ubisoft is to give life to our games of new and exciting ways and create content set in the world, the culture and community of games, they say from the signature Gala.

There are already until the first details of the driver series, as it will tell us The story of John Tanner, former racing pilot who has become an undercover agent to end a local criminal organization. Jason Altman, Danielle Kreinik and Genevieve Jones will take the executive production of Ubisoft and Allan Ungar and Vincent Talenti La de Binge.

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We will be attentive to more details especially because this type of productions are usually accompanied by new video games.