The last season of overwatch PO participating team s goal is to win win

League 2021 has been in playoffs. The playoffs have a total of eight teams, including San Francisco Shock, a LA Gladiator, who has won the first countdown cup of Shanghai and the first Countdown Cup of the Eastern Countdown Countdown. . In addition, this season corresponds to the last season of . There is a big meaning of many.

So there was a bunch of voices of each team representative that I participated in the Cognitive Group Interview. They were careful, but they were singing ‘win’ like one. Through the interview, LA Gladiator Jeong Seung-min Coach, ‘Muse’ Kim Young-hoon, San Francisco Shok Park Dae Hee, ‘Choi Hyung – Bin’ Choi Hyo – Bin, Shanghai Dragons Mun’s director and ‘Pate’ / Disise game Lee Hyung Chul reporter

The goal is winning! , The three team’s goals were all the same

Q. I ask for each example of this playoffs.

a. LA Gladiator Jang Seung-min Coach: We have to meet with the rivers through playoffs, but we are also hope that we are also a good team. I’ll try hard.

a. LA Gladiator’s ‘Muse’: We are preparing a tournament aiming.

a. San Francisco Shock Park Dae-hee: There is a great heart to challenge three consecutive champions through this player.

a. San Francisco Shock ‘Choi Hyo-Bin’: We are thinking more hardly aimed at winning.

a. Shanghai Dragons Munwol-cheol Director: I have dropped a little unfortunately last year. This year, I will win more hard. Thank you very much.

a. Shanghai Dragons ‘Pate’: We are working hard for winning.

Q. After the regular season, a short break. I wonder if you have supplements any part.

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a. LA Gladiator Jeong Seung-min Coach: It is important to complement the disadvantages, but we sold it to the extreme to the extreme.

a. San Francisco Shock Park Dae-hee: After the end of the season, I saw the problem, and I gave it to the weakness of the point of mind. I feel a lot of complementary.

a. Shanghai Dragons Munwol-chul Director: The biggest part of the dawn time zone. It was cheerful during the break, and it seems to have a fun game because it is being held according to that time. There was no part to complement.

Q. I wonder how to evaluate your opponent team. Please let me know what strategy is to show you.

a. San Francisco Shok Park Dae Hee Director: Shanghai Dragons is a team that is respected. Actually, I learned a lot. Last year, we have won a little better and win a little better, but this year will be a tough game. As long as we have done us, we are thinking of being able to reward it as a performance.

a. Shanghai Dragons Munwol-cheol Director: As if to say, I also think that San Francisco shock is a steel team and respects. In fact, we do not mean this season is not a win. I would like to tell you that you have a shock. It seems to be able to show a fun game that is ready to play hard.

a. LA Gladiator Jeong Seung-min Coach: Philadelphia Fusion and game. The players are also very good at the competition in the competition. It is not easy to go. It believes that it is a strategy to play in the game with a well-being.

Q. I wonder if the playoffs are not showing out of the new card. Key Player is also plugged in.

a. Shanghai Dragons Munwol-chul Director: Well, according to the relative combination, we are preparing for the counterpine for the counterpine, so there is no pic. Key Player is always Platet Kim Byung Sun.

a. San Francisco Shock Park Dae Hee: As long as you meet a variety of teams, you are preparing multiple strategies. Our Team Key Player is ‘Nero’ Charliez Wag. I personally have a players who hear a toxic ball every season, and I am watching Nero in this year. I saw a lot of growth in the second half, and the stage to prove it is Playoff.

a. LA Gladiator Jeong Seung-min Coach: There will be a new card. But I do not know if I do not use it. I want to put Kevin Perezone, Kevin, asking for Key Player. I have never seen a talented player. If you know one, he is a player that he dragged to ten and twenty, and he is a player that he can do it before he could do something. Expectations are big.

Q. I think some team will come up in the grand final.

a. San Francisco Shock ‘Choi Hyo-Bin’: I do not know the Asian team, I do not know. I do not know. I do not like the last stage of the last stage. This is because it was good at the time and the last stage.

a. LA Gladiator’s ‘Muse’: I think Shanghai Dragonze. In North America, it seems that there is no team that we can win us in North America because we have been ranked first in the August Tournament.

a. Shanghai Dragons ‘Pate’: I think San Francisco shock. It is because it is always a team that has come to the playoffs or grand finals. Would not it be advantageous in the mental part.

The last season of overwatch … I will not be the US of Kinds

Q. Last two seasons, I spent a tough season. I wonder how I’m diagnosing.

a. San Francisco Shock Park Dae Hee: As the result of the bold Li Building in this year, the season has not fully grasped the tendency of the players. So it seems to be a wobble. It was stabilized by the time to identify a certain tendency according to the flow, and to maximize it.

Q. During the season, ‘Antts’ Lee Sun-chang joined again. I’m curious about the course. Tell me how to help you with your team power.

a. San Francisco Shok Park Dae Hee Director: I was so sad that I was so good. Fortunately, the timing was right and I came back to the team, and the bar role was faithfully performed. He seemed to be a definite power reinforcement.

Q. Park, Jae-hee, who was a bishop was his birthday. He is sending his birthday every year to play with playoffs, and there is no disgrace.

a. San Francisco Shock Park Dae Hee: In fact, this is a birthday (14 days). (Laughter) I’d like to send with my family or friends, but it also respects with the athletes. Playoff is a limited opportunity. It is a really big gift that our team had this team.

Q. I will challenge the three consolidates this season. There is no burden on grades.

a. San Francisco Shok Park Dae Hee Director: If not, it is naturally a lie. In fact, I was a little bit together when I first won. The second was really too hard ago … unless we win, I did my best because I would have been meaningless. In all games, ‘3-deck’ is a really big challenge. The burden is bigger. However, I know that it is a valorable thing to make the best than anyone else.

Q. I decided to finally decide to enter the first time. What did you focus on? In August, I had experienced a failure to advance to the tournament.

a. Shanghai Dragons Munwoo Railway Director: It was a bit of a sense that it was part that it was part of the case. When I digest too many schedules since May, everyone was tired. So at the end of the upper end, it was concluded that in August to grab a resting turn and invest in playoffs. Thanks to everyone, I have done a break, and the team condition is also very good. I think I would like to worry about my fans.

Q. This season, Dallas Fures, the ‘pierce’ is a world’s best main tanker spot with Lee’s servant. Does the eastern and western main tanker rivals are not careful?

a. Shanghai Dragons ‘Pate’: It seems to be a lie if you do not care about your nerves. I was very careful in the early days, but now it was a little less.

Q. LA Gladiator and San Francisco Shock are played in Hawaii. I am particularly different.

a. LA Gladiator Jang Seung-min Coach: The practice room, virtueout, of course, but one of the small things, such as desk and chair, is all different. I am glad that the time difference is not large, but it is not affected. Still, as it is already determined, it seemed to have taken the inconvenience and try to make it as much as possible.

a. San Francisco Shock ‘Choi Hyo-Bin’: I have not visited Hawaii yet … Of course, there are a little bit. It is the last season, and some inconveniences, which are the problem that the team should be taken and adaptable. I am thinking hard to work hard without worrying.

Q. Next year, the Season League is held with the initial build. I wonder if any change is expected from the player’s view.

a. San Francisco Shock ‘Choi Hyo-Bin’: I would like to have a tanker, and I hope that the balance patch is personally well, so I would like to write many champs to a lot of champs. It is expected to be a new attempt.

a. Shanghai Dragons ‘Pate’: If a tanker becomes one … I think it may not be a little free. I have never thought of it.

a. LA Gladiator’s ‘Muse’: It seems to be a game that is a bit more stamped by the Emshot of Dealers or Hiller.

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Q. Finally, ask for each playoffs.

a. Shanghai Dragons Munwol-chul Director: I showed a good look this season. I hope you enjoy the joy with the fans, after doing our best to make the desired goal in the playoffs.

a. Shanghai Dragons ‘Pate’: I came to play with it to play, but I will make good results as much as I prepared. Thank you for your fans who cheer up.

Shanghai Dragons Munwoo-chul, director, Pate player

a. LA Gladiator Jeong Seung-min Coach: Thank you for cheering anywhere. Thanks to the fans, I was able to come here. Unlike expectations, it was disappointing, but it was possible to show our appearance from the countdown cup. The playoffs are the last game to proceed to . I want to show the US to the soul. I will win.

a. LA Gladiator’s ‘Muse’: I showed a gradual grades in the beginning of the season, but in August, I am happy to win the winner. I sincerely thank the fans who cheered. I think it is hard to play the playoffs.

LA Gladiator Jeong Seung-min Coach, Muse Player

a. San Francisco Shock Park Dae-hee: I am thinking of the first time, like the protagonist of the boy cartoon in the first time in the first time, I am thinking of the end of my team. Thank you for your support.

a. San Francisco ‘Choi Hyo-Bin’: The last season to proceed to Overwatch. As a result, as the main tanker, we are thinking that they are hard to work harder, as well as the last season. Thank you for your fans who cheer you. I will work hard.