Call of Duty 2022 probably listens to the Codename Project Cortez and could become modern warfare 2

In a massive leak, DataMiner Ighor July has been discovered numerous games in the Nvidia GeForce Now database (a cloud streaming service, streamed with games, for example on tablets or smartphones). In addition to possible clues to the GTA trilogy, a Resident Evil 4 remake and a remake for Final Fantasy 9 also found the seemingly inconspicuous name Project Cortez in the list. The mysterious game should therefore be in development with Infinity Ward and published by Activision Blizzard.

COD 2022 could become modern warfare 2

What to do with Call of Duty? The well-known insider Tom Henderson had last gifted that the new Call of Duty game for 2022 seems to carry the code name Project Cortez , which covers the title in Leak . In addition, the new game, according to the Tweet, should be a sequel to Modern Warfare 2019, which would fit that the original was also developed by Infinity Ward.

Accordingly, the successor of Modern Warfare could act around the struggle of a US special unit against Colombian drug cartels.

Link to Twitter content

How serious is this? Tom Henderson is not an unknown when it comes to insider information. Especially with regard to Battlefield news, he is often correct. At the same time, you should still enjoy the info with caution, as Nvidia has declared itself after the leak that the list is not to act as an announcement of games (via WCCFECH):

Nvidia is aware that a non-authorized game list was published, which contains both published and speculative titles and was intended for internal tracking and testing only. [When games] are included on the list, this is neither a confirmation nor a Announcement of some game.

COD Vanguard Open Beta starts soon

Before the next call of duty part is announced, but with Vanguard, however, is the first year’s offshoot in the starting blocks. Before the release on 5 November 2021, there is only an open beta from 16 September 2021, which is staggered for the different consoles.

Do you wish a successor to Call of Duty Modern Warfare or hope you’re in a different direction?