Thiaw s time is coming now I do not feel as a European champion

If one thinks of the bumpy beginnings of the ultimately in the semi-generation predecessor generation in September 2019, then the prelude of the reformed U 21 according to the victories in San Marino (6: 0) and in Latvia (3: 1) may be quite successful and promising to be classified. Of course, not all around, and from the targeted level, which is recently remembered by the European Championship final round, the talents of Stefan Kuntz are still miles away. But they also have almost two years development time. It will depend much about which game shares the U-21 candidates can fight in their clubs until then.

The last U 21 had a superior team spirit, even outside the place, everyone has understood well, because we have to go too, calls Malick Thiaw, who already collects valuable experiences at Schalke 04, we’re already getting there, can build something big again.

The central defender had already been a part of the way to the EM title under Kuntz. I was in the group stage of the EM, because I felt as part of the team, but it is not that I feel as European champion. I was not there in the K.-O.-Phase.

I hope that I never have to experience such a season again.

But now the 20-year-old seems to be established as a service provider from the beginning. The son of a Sösegalese father and a Finnish mother born in Düsseldorf and a Finnish mother completed his first international leaders and has deliberately opted for the DFB – although he could change the state association until his 21st birthday on 8 August 2022. My goal was clear that I want to play for Germany.

He succeeds quite well. In still bumpy German game construction and the still improvement switching phases after ball losses, the Schalke was a reliable resting pole and security guarantee. In addition, thanks to his head of header and determination, with his debut goal for Germany, he made 3: 1 for the early decision in Latvia. A copy of the early residue after a badly defended corner of the hosts.

Studied by the descent with Schalke

You hate if you get goals, Thiaw assured in the run-up to the game and also recognizes the need for action in the new second division season in this point: We have to work as a team to get less goals. And shoot more goals That’s our goal. In order to realize the desired direct rewriting. I’m thinking that we have a very good team that has a lot of potential. So far we have not brought it up in all games, says Thiaw, but if we continue to get gas, we can also get good Chance to calculate.

The unfortunate descent season in which the self-generation was allowed to experience 19 assignments or had to, at least it has been named. The last season was very difficult, but that would have to make a manally stronger, says Thiaw, I hope I never have to experience such a season again.

cornerstones in the team crystallize out

Behind the new defense chief appears at the newly formed U-21 selection of coach Stefan Kuntz the race for the number 1 further completely open, neither Salzburg’s Nico Mantl still Hoffenheim’s Luca Philipp could have sustainable points, but in training but more convinced as Bremen’s Olympia Driver Luca Plogmann missing in both games in the matchday gadder.

Before that, the Hoffenheim Angelo Silent, the Nuremberg Tom Krauß also recommended as a cornerstone as a cornerstone of exceptional Youssoufa Moukoko and the new captain and European champion Jonathan Burkardt from Mainz. In the next few months, some potential trunk-U-21 members will probably get their chance that were currently injured or sick like European champion Josha Vagnoman (HSV), Yannik Keitel (Freiburg), Jan Thielmann (Cologne) or Marton Dardai (Hertha ). In addition, the U-21 European Champion Florian Wirtz (Leverkusen) and Karim Adeyemi (Salzburg) already launched in the national team could also and the Change of Association from England in this cycle of Jamal Musiala (Bavaria) still at the oldest DFB juniors to use.

Wirtz Toppt None: Musiala is just minutes at the top