Paralympics star hours in the final spurt

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Despite the Golden Endspurt with Edina Müller and Lindy Ave, the balance sheet for the Team D Paralympics remains in Tokyo. Rank twelve in medal mirror is the worst result so far.

First the emotional triumphant from Edina Müller in front of the eyes of the sonemann, then the fabulous round of Lindy Ave in the Olympic Stadium: At the end, the German team in Tokyo left a positive impression.

But in the total balance of Team D at the 16th Paralympic summer games, these star hours were only beauty corrections. The downtrend continues, the top nations pull it – and with rank twelve there was the worst result ever in medal levels.

Before expiring the Paralympic fire at the colorful final celebration on Sunday at 22.02 local time, DBS-President Friedhelm Julius Tie was still a positive conclusion. I think we’re going very successfully from these games, said the boss of the German Disabled Sports Association (DBS) in the _SID_interview. Chef De Mission Karl Quade also saw the team in the target. We are about there in the medal mirror, where we saw each other, the DBS vice president Konstated services.

And this is now far away from the top nations with only 43 medals, 14 medals less than in Rio collected the German team. The 13 gold, 12 silver and 18 bronze medals were not enough for the top 10 in nation rating, significantly smaller countries such as the Netherlands or Azerbaijan passed by. Previously, Rank elf in Beijing 2008 had been the worst German degree of medals in the medal mirror.

Azerbaijan in front of Germany in medal mirror

The Paralympic power sports movement is unlikely exploded, the performance width has become larger, justified prove the persistent downtrend, Suddenly is a country like Azerbaijan in front of Germany in medal mirrors. I do not bother me. Rather, the 75-year-old continues to show, that the Paralympics fulfill its purpose. Handicapped sports are also borne in countries where formally people with disabilities were hidden on the edge of society.

He did not orient himself on the concept of these nations. Because many countries who have caught up, do something I reject from the principle. They refrain from diversity and focus on a few sports, said seeker. As problem number one he sees in Germany the junior invention, the viewing and promotion.

In general, it would be catching up in terms of professionalization, supplemented quad: There is only a few athletes with us, which can concentrate 100 percent on the sport. The base must clearly enlarge. Currently there is a very strong dependence on the athletics and cycling. At least the team after the weak start in the second week damage limitation.

Paralympics: Goldrackets lit

Some of the gold druggets touted by tribunes, such as double-winer Jana Majunke, Markus Rehm, Martin Schulz, Banner’s owner Natasha Hiltrop, Johannes Floor, or now at the end of Edina Müller lit. The Para-Kanutin paddled on Saturday in the history books. After the triumph in the wheelchair basketball 2012, she crowned himself like Annika Zeyen in the second sports sport to the Paralympics winner – and after a bureaucracy-Odyssee, even before the eyes of her two and a half-year-old son Liam.

There was many doubters in all time, many people who did not believe me, Müller said. It is therefore still madness and just incredible the day afterwards. Sensational with world record to gold ran Lindy Ave (I would never have believed in life) over the 400 m. She was like swimming champion Taliso Angel or race roller driver Merle Menje one of the light spotlights of the follow-up generation.

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In general, events were glad that the Paralympics did not become the SuperSpreader Event. There was no single coronafall in the German team. The performance, said the DBS President, was the focus and not the virus.