Paradise City in Cart Rider Incheon Central Park

Nexon announced on the 9th that it carries out an affiliate promotion of online casual racing game ‘Cart Rider’ and ‘Incheon Paradise City’.

The “Cart Rider” Catrider ‘to the’ Cart Rider ” Korea ‘theme track update introduces a new track’ Korea Incheon Central Park, which has been added to the ‘Paradise City’ object, and launches the partner item ‘Paradise City Balloon’.


Nexon is a “Korea Incheon Central Park” track to see “Paradise City” on the ‘Korea Incheon Central Park’ track, and to take a certification screenshot, five of the users who apply to the event, and the Paradise City Hotel Deluxe room stay.

In addition, we perform the ‘Paradise City Balloon (100)’ whenever the user performs an affiliate login event for the same period and the user first accesses the game every day.

Meanwhile, Paradise City sells ‘Cart Rider Summer’ packages from September 4th. The package contains the room (type (select type), containing the Summer Pub Garden Family Platter Set and Cart Rider Garway Benefit.

For more information on the ‘Cart Rider’ game, see the game official site.