How to earn dollars in the battlefields of the WWE 2K

In WWE 2K Battlegrounds, there are two forms of currencies: dollars and gold dollars. The Golden Bucks are virtual pieces that can be purchased with players with real money. Golden Bucks can be used to buy outfits, objects and even locked superstars. Dollars, like Golden Bucks, can also be used to buy items and wrestlers in WWE 2K Battlegrounds. The dollars will be the motto of choice for those who do not want to spend more money for the game, because you can win them simply by scratching in WWE 2K battlegounds. But what should you do exactly to earn dollars in WWE 2K battlefields? Let’s look at some options.

The easiest way to earn dollars is to finish a match in WWE 2K Battlegrounds. Once you have finished a match, whether it’s an exhibition or campaign fight, XP will be awarded to your profile after each fight. Once you have acquired enough XP, your level will increase and you should receive a few dollars after upgrading.

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In addition, players can also participate in daily challenges to receive dollars in the WWE 2K battlefields. Daily challenges are special objectives that can be accomplished during the games. Once you have completed a daily challenge, you will receive a certain amount of dollars.

Players will receive a new daily challenge each day for each time that has been completed and successfully collected. Users can drop a daily challenge once a day by scrolling a lens and selecting X (for Xbox), Square (for PlayStation) or Y (for Nintendo Switch).

The daily challenges of WWE 2K BattleGounds can be found by scrolling and selecting the Daily Challenges tab at the bottom of the Home screen