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At least the function room near the Stuttgart Degerloch had a little home emotion. As Joshua Kimmich also had Timo Werner at the site of the press conference once his Abi-ball, and it is of course especially to sit here in this room. Visit a lot more places or even meet friends can not meet the National Tower of the FC Chelsea during the Stuttgart stay with the national team. I was not here for a long time, but unfortunately I can not go out coronabing. The focus is on for him anyway: points for the World Cup qualification, and, at least as important: refuel self-confidence.

The lecture by St. Gallen, which is meagerly 2: 0 against Liechtenstein, has opened out that the German eleven is lacking of matters. And Werner shows this clearly when he explains the 18-year-old Youngster Jamal Musiala to the model for himself and his colleagues. Jamal does not make up as many thoughts as those who have been there for a while, he simply plays it without fun and relaxation. The 25-year-old finds: From his youthful looseness we can cut off a slice.

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Looseness and trust are core topics of this first course under Hansi Flick, and Werner reveals that the new national coach is trying to reach in addition to the grinding of automatisms, especially the heads of his players. He tries to give us the courage and looseness that came a little lost us. For Werner itself, the trip to the nearby St. Gallen was at least in this regard already a success. The hit for 1: 0 was his first mandatory game in this still young season, and he does not even try to small the meaning, although the opponent was not a benchmark: As a striker, it is always important to meet because a gate gives storming self-confidence , That’s more important than the opponent.

The liaison with flick should also give self-confidence. Already to Bayern, the coach would have gladly brought the attacker, Werner betrays, We are both glad that we were finally working together. I was very happy that he has become our new coach because it is of course beneficial I know, there is one who does not find me so bad. I think it can go in a very good direction with him.

The course will be put on Sunday in Werner’s homeland. Our goal and are nine points from these three games, underlines the attacker, we want to go to Armenia the next step.

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